Idle Champions Tier List 2023: The Best Champions

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive of all the top champions in Idle Champions. Tier List. A beginner player or a seasoned adventurer, this tier list will help you make strategic choices and build a powerful team.

S-Tier List: The Best of the Best

  1. Briv: Briv is a supportive and healing character. You can obtain Briv by participating in the Festival of Fools event or purchasing the Briv Champion Pack from the Game Shop. Role: Support.
  2. Orkira: Orkira Illdrex is another healing and support champion. You can acquire Orkira during the Greengrass event. Role: Support/Healing.
  3. Avren: Avren is a support champion and can be obtained from the Liar’s Night event. Role: Support.
  4. Artemis: Artemis Entreri is a DPS (damage per second) champion, known for his Vampiric Dagger attack. Role: DPS.
  5. Baeloth: Baeloth Barrityl is a Gold Find and Support Champion. You can unlock Baeloth during the Wintershield event. Role: Support/Gold. Base Attack: Chain Lightning.
  6. Azaka: Stormfang is a versatile champion, excelling in DPS, support, and gold accumulation. Her special attack is “Pick Them Off.” Role: DPS/Support/Gold. Base Attack: Pick them off.
  7. Nova: Nova V’Ger is a tanking and support champion from the Heroes of Aerois group. Role: Tanking/Support. Base Attack: Dissect.
  8. Penelope: Penelope “Half Pint” is a champion known for her support, gold accumulation, and healing abilities. She belongs to the Heroes of the Planets Group. Role: Support/Gold/Healing. Base Attack: Go away.

A-Tier List: Great Choices

Beadle & Grimm, Dragonbait, Zorbu, Krond, Blooshi, Dob, Valentine, Shandie, Sentry, Kent, and Hew Maan.

B-tier list: Solid Options

Turiel, Merilwen, Alyndra, Talin, Jim, Widdle, Binwin, Havilar, Melf, Strix, and Catti-Brie.

C-Tier List: Decent Picks

Spurt, Voronika, Egbert, Dungeon Master, Deekin, Tatyana, Dragonbait, Asharra, Rust, Ulkoria, Desmond, Xerophon, Barrowin, Tyril, Donaar, Warden, Kthriss, and Makos.

D-Tier List: Average Performers

Nrakk, Môrgæn, Reya, Gazrick, Hitch, Ellywick, Nordom, Birdsong, D’hani.

E-Tier List: Less Effective Champions

Nahara, Torogar, Vi, Shaka, Sgt. Knox, Farideh, Prudence.

We rated the champions in this tier list based on their power and skills. Each winner brings something distinctive to the table, and many of them are only available during special events. However, even after the event has ended, you may still buy them from the in-game store.