How to Unlock All Traits WorldBox in 2023

Have you heard about traits in the WorldBox game? If not, don’t worry! In this post, we’ll go through how to Unlock All Traits WorldBox. Continue reading to find out more

What Are WorldBox’s Traits?

Traits are the characteristics of the creatures in the game. They define who and what creatures are. Each creature has its own traits that determine its appearance and abilities. It’s pretty interesting, right?

Now that you understand what traits are, let’s discuss how to unlock different traits in the WorldBox game.

How to Unlock All Traits WorldBox

In the trait editor, most traits can be unlocked by clicking on the creature. When you hover over the upcoming traits within the blue circle, you can access the traits. However, some traits remain locked, and you can only unlock them by completing achievements.

Unlocking traits will give achievements like “The Accomplished,” “The Demon,” or “The King of Kings” to the creature you unlock.

To help you further, here’s a table that lists all the traits in WorldBox and where to find them:

AttractiveLemon Man, Lil’ Pumpkin, Elves
Acid TouchSlime
Acid ProofZombie Dragon, Slime, Aliens
AmbitiousBirth chance (1.6%)
Acid BloodSlime, Aliens, Zombie Dragon
Boat 1Boat
BlessedEnchanted Biome
BloodlustLil’ Pumpkin
Crippled2% chance without shield power hurt
Cold AuraCold Ones, Snowman
Cursed0.5% chance of Corrupted biome
Content2% Birth Chance
Death NukeNone
DragonslayerDragon Defeat
Mark Of DeathUnavailable
DeceitfulBirth Chance (1.5%)
Death BombNone
EvilEvil Mage, Demons, Candy Bear, etc.
One-EyedZombie Dog
Eagle EyedBirth Chance (0.7%)
EnergizedLightning Fairies
FatAliens, Slime, Rhinos, etc.
Fire ProofGod Finger, Demons, Evil Mage, etc.
Fire BloodDemons, Greater Crab, etc.
FleshCandy Bear and Man
FreezeGhost, Snowman, White Mage, etc.
FlowerDruid, Fairy
FastFox, Rabbits, Dog
GluttonousCandy Man and Bear
GeniusTurtles, Monkeys, Fox
GiantBirth Chance (0.5%)
GreedyBirth Chance (1.5%)
Golden ToothBirth Chance (5%) After Birth
HonestBirth Chance (1.8%)
ImmortalLightning Zombie, Skeletons, etc.
InfectedZombie infection power and trait
ImmuneRobot Santa, Eggs, Fairies, etc.
MadnessMadness, power, and disaster
LuckyBirth Chance (0.7%)
KingslayerKing Defeat
MageslayerDefeat White Mage, Necromancers, etc.
PacifistBirth Chance (1.5%)
MUSH SporesMUSH Spores power
PeacefulSheep, Chicken, Cows, etc.
ParanoidLemon Boi and Man
PlagueRat trait, Plague power
Poison ImmunitySnake, Lemon Boi and Man
PyromaniacBirth Chance (1%)
Rat KingRat Kings
SavageZombies, Orcs
ShinyCrystal Sword and Golem
RegenerationOrcs, Demons, Snowman, Aliens
Scar Of DivinityGiven by Trait Editor
Skin Burns50% chance (Lava, Hot Temperature)
Short SightedBirth Chance (0.7%)
Strong MindedEggs, Blue Ants, etc.
Super HealthNone
StrongRhinos, Bears, etc.
TinyBirth Chance (0.5%)
UglyTumor Monsters, Bioblob
TumorTumor biome
ToughCrocodiles, Greater Crab
VeteranAchieve 11 kills
UnluckyBirth Chance (0.7%)
WeightlessFrogs, Turtles, Bugs, etc.
WeakBirth Chance (1.5%)
WiseChance (30%) after aged 40

The Final Verdict

This article has offered a general explanation of the process of unlocking qualities in the WorldBox game.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to unlock all of WorldBox’s qualities. If you are still having trouble accessing qualities, please do not hesitate to contact us.