Hero Tale Guide – Wiki, Tips & Tricks 2023

Welcome to the Hero Tale Guide, a role-playing game with idle aspects! More material will be added when the game is updated. Please provide any useful information in the comments section below.

Hero Tale is an idle RPG game in which you play as a hero tasked with saving the kingdom from various perils.

You may personalize your hero’s playstyle by equipping them with various weapons, armor, and talents. You can also find buddies to accompany you on your quest.

Here are some tips for playing Hero Tale:

  • Concentrate on your hero’s equipment: One of the most essential components in determining your hero’s strength is their equipment. Make an effort to upgrade your equipment as frequently as feasible.
  • Choose the appropriate abilities for your hero: In Hero Tale, you may pick from a range of talents. Select talents that are complementary to your hero’s playstyle and equipment.
  • Find companions: Companions may be of considerable assistance in warfare. They can do more harm, heal, or give assistance.
  • Finish quests: Quests are an excellent way to get experience, money, and other benefits.
  • Resources for farming: Your hero’s equipment and talents are upgraded using resources. You may harvest resources by defeating adversaries or visiting various spots throughout the game.

Some tips and tricks in Hero Tale Guide

Power: Increases the damage done by melee weapons.

Attack Charge Time: The amount of time it takes between attacks The shorter your time, the more frequently you’ll attack.

Distance: When you have a ranged weapon equipped, you have more time to fight before adversaries start hurting you.

Movement Speed: Increase your movement speed to assault foes that are utilizing a ranged weapon against you faster.

Armor: Increases protection by a fixed amount. Excellent for dealing with early evil people.

Defense: Increases defense by 1%. It is preferable to utilize it in the middle or late game. Armor is not the greatest stat to have immediately because it will prevent more damage from lesser adversaries.

HP Regen: Regenerate HP quicker over time, plus gain extra hearts to tap for even more rapid recovery.

MP Rege: Ensure that you have adequate MP to cast spells at all times. It doesn’t take much money to keep casting consistent.

Critical Multiplier: Increases the damage done by critical hits.

Block: The greater your level of this talent, the more opportunities you’ll have to press the shield icon and dodge any harm. Excellent for defeating harder opponents by evading their strikes.

Combat: The more melee weapons you utilize, the higher your Combat level. The higher your level, the more damage melee weapons deal and the more quickly you attack.

Ranged: The more ranged weapons you utilize, the higher your Ranged level. The higher your level, the more damage ranged weapons inflict and the more quickly you hit.

First Chapter

  • Concentrate on accomplishing the missions assigned to you by Edward.
  • As often as feasible, upgrade your equipment.
  • Learn the fundamentals of battle.

Second Chapter

  • Begin the task “Collect 5 Happy Mushrooms” by speaking with the Druid in the Forest.
  • Killing foes in the Forest will lead you to Happy Mushrooms.
  • Return to the Druid once you’ve collected five Happy Mushrooms to complete the task.
  • Learn the Heal ability.

Chapter Three

  • Begin the mission “Get to the ‘Witch’s’ Hideout” by defeating the famed bandits.
  • The Bandit Camp is where you’ll find the famed bandits.
  • Travel to the Witch’s Hideout once you’ve slain the legendary bandits.
  • The Witch’s Hideout may be found in the Swamp.

I hope you find this Hero Tale guide helpful to you and we wish you all the best for this game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the max level in hero tale?

The level limit is 3000, however, 290 skill points are required to unlock the full skill tree.

What is the best helmet in the hero tale?

A seaking helmet is a piece of gear. Version 0.2’s strongest helm.