MineTap Block List 2023

In this article, we’ll provide you with a growing MineTap Block List that will help you navigate the game more efficiently. We’ll also share some valuable tips and tricks suitable for beginners.

Getting New Blocks

As you merge blocks and progress in the game, new blocks will become available for sale in the Shop. Make sure to visit the Shop regularly, as the free block at the top can be changed by re-entering.

By watching an ad, you have a chance to unlock the best block you’ve found so far. Although ads for free blocks can be tempting, it’s generally better to merge blocks to obtain building blocks for your village.

Unfamiliar Blocks

You might come across blocks without descriptions in your inventory, indicated by a question mark. These blocks generally serve the goal of building or upgrading structures in your village.

It’s advisable to keep at least one of each unknown block in case you need it later, as they are usually not difficult to obtain.

Fast Track to Higher Tier Blocks

To acquire higher-tier blocks more quickly, focus on building and upgrading structures on the western side of your village.

Even if they don’t explicitly mention advancement until fully upgraded, these structures will indeed help you progress. Additionally, equip the best gear available and use boosters to maximize your benefits.

MineTap Block List

Here’s a list of essential blocks and their uses:

  • Log: Use it to craft planks, which are essential for building structures.
  • Cobblestone: Craft a stone sword and axe for combat, as well as a furnace and brewing stand for various purposes.
  • Coal: Create a soul torch to light your path, then utilize coal in the furnace to forge a variety of priceless materials, including amethyst, black gold, candles, cobalt, copper, diamond, raw emerald, glass, gold, iron, lapis lazuli, netherite, quartz, and ruby ingots.
  • Red Sandstone: Use it to craft decorative blocks and structures with a reddish hue.
  • Iron Ore: Use the furnace to smelt iron ore into iron ingots, which are essential for advanced crafting.
  • Block of Iron: Craft an iron golem, a powerful creature that can help defend your village.
  • Gravel: Craft flint, which is useful for crafting tools and items.
  • Birch: Use it to craft decorative blocks and structures with a light-colored wood texture.
  • Redstone Ore: Mine redstone ore to obtain redstone dust, a versatile material used in redstone circuitry and contraptions.
  • Block of Redstone: Use it to power redstone mechanisms and create complex contraptions.
  • Bookshelf: Craft a bookshelf, which is essential for enchanting items and expanding your knowledge.
  • Obsidian: Use it to craft an enchanting table, which allows you to enchant weapons, tools, and armor for enhanced abilities.
  • Soul Sand: Use it to craft soul torches for a unique and eerie light source.
  • Netherrack: Obtain it in the Nether and use it for building and decoration purposes.
  • Nether Brick: Craft blocks and structures with a dark and ominous appearance.
  • Magma Block: Use it for decorative purposes or create traps and contraptions with its unique properties.
  • Nylium: Use it for building and decoration purposes in the Nether.
  • Nether Quartz Ore: Mine nether quartz ore to obtain quartz, which is used in various crafting recipes.
  • Block of Quartz: Use it for decorative purposes, such as creating pillars or intricate designs.

With this MineTap Block List, you now have a handy reference to guide you through the game. Remember to merge blocks, upgrade your village, and use the best gear and boosters available to enhance your progress.