Slayer Legend Spirits Guide & Tier List – 2023

Welcome to my easy-to-understand guide for Slayer Legend Spirits. In this game, Spirits play a crucial role in boosting your attack power, increasing gold and experience acquisition. To strengthen your spirits, you’ll need enhancement cubes and a special resource called “mana crystals,” which can be found in the Forest of Circulation dungeon.

Slayer Legend Spirits Guide

When you collect four spirits of the same type, you can evolve them to the next level. Once they reach the legendary level, they gain a unique skill effect. Awakening a spirit further enhances its unique skill effect. You can have one partner spirit whose skill effect will increase by 10%, as well as two accompanying spirits whose effects and skills will benefit you. To level up your spirits, you’ll need enhancement cubes and spirit essence.

Slayer Legends Spirits Tier List

Here is a tier list of the different spirits in Slayer Legends, along with their skill name and effect:

NameTierSkill NameEffect
SalaABreath of FireEvery 12 seconds after the battle starts, deal 6-10% of the enemy’s remaining HP. The percentage depends on the spirit’s grade.
ArkETime FreezeAfter 8 seconds from the start of the battle, stop time for 1.6-5 seconds. Can only be used once per battle.
HerhDWind ForceReduces skill cooldown by 4-6% and recovers HP every 10 seconds.
LoarSWilderness RoarIncreases skill damage to boss monsters by 10-80%.
MumSReignIncreases skill damage against normal monsters by 10-80%.
ToddAGold Rumble10-80% chance of obtaining double gold whenever acquired.
ZappyCJudge’s TorpedoInstantly kills normal monsters with less than 14-30% HP.
RadonBLevelingIncreases damage dealt to enemies by 10-80% when the enemy’s HP is above 70%.
BoEWild HeartIncreases total HP by 20-160%.
LugaAUnderstanding of the Abyss10-80% chance of gaining double experience when gaining EXP.
KartCThief WindWhen attacking a normal monster for the first time, reduces HP by 13-25%.
NoahSLast Fight5 seconds before the end of a battle, increases your damage by 1.2-2 times.

Best Spirits Loadout

Here are some recommended loadouts for different purposes:

  1. Boss Focused Loadout: Use Noah, Loar, and Sala
    • Loar provides 80% more skill damage against bosses.
    • Noah’s 5-second buff can be paired with rave and demon hunt combo for a powerful finishing blow.
    • Sala’s skills can be activated twice during a typical boss fight, dealing significant damage.
    • Herh can replace Sala if you prefer cooldown reduction for easier double demon hunt during a rave.
  2. Farming Loadout: Use Mum, Radon, Zappy, and either Whale or Toad
    • Mum is the MVP for clearing stages, providing 80% more skill damage overall.
    • Radon’s skill is effective against normal enemies with HP above 70%.
    • Zappy deals more damage than the cat, especially when combined with fulgurous.
    • Todd or Whale’s skills can provide additional gold and experience.

Remember, these loadouts work well even if your spirits are not fully leveled up. They are effective starting points until you reach higher levels.

mastering the use of spirits is key to your success in Slayer Legends. Experiment with different loadouts, considering the unique skills and effects of each spirit, to find the strategy that suits your playstyle. Best of luck on your spirit-filled adventures!