Psychic Idle Ability Guide – 2023

Are you struggling to progress in the world of Psychic Idle? Without the right abilities and skill build, it can be challenging to make significant strides. But fear not, as we’ve compiled the ultimate Psychic Idle ability guide to help you win battles, defeat monsters, and excel in the game.

In this guide, we’ll provide in-depth details about core game mechanics, growth progression, quantum jump, abilities and special abilities, skillsets, and more. So let’s dive in!

Growth: Enhancing Your Abilities

The Growth section in Psychic Idle offers various ways for you to progress. Each of these contributes differently and can increase your Combat Power, enabling you to advance further.

The first tab in Growth is called “Growth,” and it contains your main abilities and critical stats. You can use gold to upgrade each ability, with the cost increasing every 500 levels.

It is generally recommended to level all of your abilities evenly, except for ATK (Attack). ATK plays a crucial role as all your superpowers scale off of it, making it the most influential modifier for your Combat Power.

In-Depth Research: Your Progression Ally

In-Depth Research (IDR) is your best friend when it comes to progression. By leveling up your “Monster Research” for every monster in a specific chapter, you can increase your main abilities (ATK, HP, DEF, EP, HP Recovery, EP Recovery) by x1.02 for each level. You can track your current IDR progression under Growth -> In-Depth Research.

To level up your “Monster Research” for a particular monster, you need to defeat that monster until you gather enough “resources.” Upgrading your Material Drop % can increase the amount of resources you receive from each kill.

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Enlightenment: Time-Based Upgrades

Enlightenment is a time-based upgrade that boosts all your main abilities (ATK, HP, DEF, EP, HP Recovery, EP Recovery) by x1.02 for each level. To start an Enlightenment, you must pay with currency obtained from the Virtual Space battle known as Enlightenment Stones.

After paying, you need to wait for the specified time to receive the upgrade. If you wish to speed up the process, you can spend Computer Parts to finish the time automatically.

Quantum Jump: Chance for Enhanced Abilities

Quantum Jump provides a chance to increase your main abilities (ATK, HP, DEF, EP, HP Recovery, EP Recovery) by x1.04 with each level. However, as you level up, the success rate for Quantum Jump decreases.

Attempting a Quantum Jump requires Quantum Energy from Dungeon battles, and failure increases the Success Rate. You can use Enlightenment Stones from Virtual Space battles to enhance the success rate as well.

Ability: Enhancing Various Stats

Abilities in Psychic Idle modify various stats within the game. Each ability page can have up to five slots, with each slot upgrading a specific stat such as Main Abilities, Battle Rewards, Battle Damage, and more.

Your Ability page starts with one slot, and to unlock additional slots, you must upgrade the page to the next Grade. Upgrading the Grade of a page is a random chance. Once you reach the Hero Grade, you unlock a new page, and you can unlock up to nine pages.

Optimizing Ability Pages: Examples

Here are some examples of Ability pages:

  1. Attack Set:
    • Damage Dealt
    • Crit Rate
    • Crit Effect
    • Attack Speed
    • Attack
    • EP (If using Wide Range Superpowers)
    • Crit Effect
    • Crit Rate
    • Damage Dealt
  1. CP Set:
    • Attack
    • HP
    • Defense
    • EP
    • HP Recovery
    • EP Recovery
    • Damage Reduction
    • Damage Reflection
    • Damage Absorption
  2. EP Set:
    • EP
    • EP Recovery
    • EP Cost Reduction
    • EP Bonus
    • Superpower Duration
    • Superpower Cooldown Reduction
    • Energy Shield
    • Energy Drain
    • Energy Overflow
  3. Support Set:
    • HP Recovery
    • EP Recovery
    • Healing Power
    • Healing Speed
    • Revive Chance
    • Revive HP
    • Buff Duration
    • Debuff Duration
    • Cooldown Reduction

Remember that these are just examples, and you can mix and match abilities based on your playstyle and goals. Experimentation is key to finding the best combination that suits your preferences and maximizes your effectiveness in battles.

Special Abilities: Unlocking Extra Powers

Special Abilities in Psychic Idle provide additional powers and bonuses that can greatly enhance your gameplay. These abilities are unlocked by reaching specific milestones or completing certain objectives. Here are a few examples of Special Abilities:

  1. Ultimate Power: Unleashes a devastating attack that deals massive damage to all enemies on the screen. It has a cooldown period before it can be used again.
  2. Time Manipulation: Slows down time, allowing you to attack faster and dodge enemy attacks more effectively for a limited duration.
  3. Elemental Mastery: Grants elemental affinity, increasing your damage against specific elemental enemies.
  4. Battle Fury: Boosts your attack power and critical hit rate when your HP drops below a certain threshold.
  5. Divine Intervention: Provides a chance to nullify enemy attacks and restore a portion of your HP when hit.

Unlocking and upgrading Special Abilities can significantly enhance your combat capabilities and provide strategic advantages in challenging battles.

Skillsets: Building Your Playstyle

Skillsets in Psychic Idle allow you to customize your playstyle and focus on specific aspects of the game. Each skillset consists of a combination of abilities and special abilities that synergize well together. Here are a few examples of skillsets:

  1. Berserker:
    • Abilities: Attack, Crit Rate, Crit Effect, Damage Dealt, Attack Speed
    • Special Abilities: Ultimate Power, Battle Fury
  2. Tank:
    • Abilities: HP, Defense, HP Recovery, Damage Reduction, Damage Reflection
    • Special Abilities: Divine Intervention, Elemental Mastery (Earth)
  3. Support:
    • Abilities: HP Recovery, EP Recovery, Healing Power, Healing Speed
    • Special Abilities: Time Manipulation, Buff Duration
  4. Mage:
    • Abilities: EP, EP Recovery, EP Cost Reduction, Superpower Duration
    • Special Abilities: Elemental Mastery (Fire, Water, or Lightning)

These skillsets are just examples, and you can create your own based on your preferred playstyle and objectives. Experiment with different combinations of abilities and special abilities to find the skillset that suits you best.

By understanding the core mechanics of Psychic Idle, optimizing your abilities, unlocking special abilities, and creating effective skillsets, you can greatly enhance your progress and success in the game.

Remember to regularly upgrade your abilities, focus on In-Depth Research, make use of Quantum Jump and Enlightenment, and strategically choose and level up your special abilities.

With the right combination of abilities, special abilities, and skillsets, you’ll be able to dominate battles, defeat powerful monsters, and achieve greatness in the world of Psychic Idle.