Fakewoken 3 Trello Link, Wiki & Guide

Roblox Fakewoken 3 is a platform-agnostic experience available on Xbox, PC, and mobile. If you want to know the game, you should check out the Fakewoken 3 Trello.

We’ll show you where to discover Trello so you can learn all you need to know.

The Fakewoken 3 Trello includes everything you could want to know about the races, controls, bosses, abilities, map, NPCs, goods, currencies, weapons, game updates, and skills of all sorts, including melee and ranged, buffs, debuffs, and anything else!

You may explore the globe, parry, test different weapons to become the strongest and confront opponents in this game. The game is jam-packed with aspects that players must test and apply correctly to maximize production.

You will notice numerous weapons in the game that you can get from the wardrobe.

Legion Kata, Fists, Caestus, and other Fakewoken 3 weapons are well-known.

The game genre is horror; therefore, if you enjoy trying out eerie and thrilling encounters, Fakewoken 3 is a great choice.

Throughout the game, you will encounter different opponents such as the Archer, Hog Rider, Super Wizard, and so on.

If you’re searching for the Fakewoken 3 Trello Link, click here:

Trello Fakewoken 3Simply clicking that link will take you to Trello, which provides a number of details about how the experience works.

Fakewoken 3 Trello

By clicking on the above link, you will be sent to the game’s official Trello page, which will discuss general features, talents, mantras, bells, adversaries, and so on.

In other circumstances, developers provide users with the most recent codes via card mentions. It should be noted that the above Trello link takes you to the Public page, which is jam-packed with useful information.

Fakewoken 3 Trello FAQ

Is there a Discord for Fakewoken 3?

Yes, you may join the Fakewoken 3 Discord and speak to other players and developers!

How do you get weapons in Fakewoken 3?

Weapons in Fakewoken 3 may be earned using a rare card roll method similar to mantras in Deepwoken. Players can choose to roll for two weapons or pick a single weapon from the roll.