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Tips and Tricks for Success

Auto Battle

You can go through challenges and other aspects of the game more quickly by activating the auto-battle mode early on and setting it to a quicker tempo.

However, as things become more difficult, auto-battle might not always be the most suitable option. You might need to slow down the battle to strategize your moves.

Equip All

The “Equip All” button can sometimes make mistakes when selecting the right gear for your hero.

To ensure you have the most powerful gear equipped, it’s recommended to manually check each gear’s stats. For example, if a skill relies on Defense to deal damage, choose gear that boosts your Defense stat.

Hero Skills

Upgrading heroes with all four skills are essential for game success. Heroes with fewer skills are disadvantaged. So focus on leveling up and improving heroes with a wider range of abilities.

Idle Game

Eternal Evolution offers an idle gameplay feature, which means you can earn rewards even when you’re not actively playing the game. Take advantage of this by collecting patrol rewards for up to 24 hours of not playing.

Remember to claim your rewards before they reach the maximum limit. You can find patrol rewards on the main screen by tapping on the treasure chest in the middle. you’ll earn more rewards. When you start playing

Red Dots

Keep an eye out for those red dots! They appear in various game features when you have rewards to collect. Don’t ignore them, as some rewards are time-sensitive. Make sure to gather all the red dots to maximize your benefits.

Reset Heroes

If you’ve spent resources upgrading a hero, but later feel the need to change your strategy or focus on different heroes, you can access the reset function in the Evolve menu.

This will allow you to reclaim the resources you used for upgrading. However, remember that you won’t get back the heroes you used to evolve.

Skill Directions

To maximize your effectiveness in battle, you can hold down a skill to adjust its direction.

This is particularly helpful if you want to line up your attacks to hit several adversaries at once. Experiment with different skill directions to find the right strategies for defeating your foes.

That’s it for now! We hope these tips and tricks will help you excel in Eternal Evolution. Remember to check back regularly on the Eternal Evolution Wiki for more guides, updates, and valuable information.