Lonely Survivor Wiki – Guides 2023

Welcome to the Lonely Survivor Wiki! Here, you will find all the information you need about the exciting mobile game called Lonely Survivor. Whether you’re a new or an experienced player, we covered helpful guides, tips, tricks, cheats, and much more.

Tips & Tricks

  • 7-Day Login Event – In this event, you can complete past tabs even when a new one opens up. To quickly finish the main story challenge multiple times, you can simply start the hardest chapter you have unlocked and intentionally die right away.
  • AFK Rewards (Away From Keyboard) – This game offers generous rewards even when you’re not actively playing. However, you need to be online to collect them. The more chapters you defeat, the better the rewards. By using the “Fast AFK” option, you can watch an ad to instantly receive 6 hours of AFK earnings. This is a great way to earn extra coins, experience points, and scrolls.
  • Daily Shop – Don’t forget to check the Daily Shop, which is located in the Treasure Chest section. Here, you can find useful gear and items that you may not have obtained yet. Make sure to have enough in-game currency to make your purchases before time finishes because of the limited stock.
  • Easy Gold & Exp – If you’re short on time, you can enter the most challenging chapter you’ve reached and intentionally die right away. You will still get some gold and experience points even though you can’t advance.
  • Equipment Quality – Gear in the game comes in different qualities: Normal (White), Excellent (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Orange). Legendary gear can be obtained by completing the 7-Day Events, which require you to be online, as well as by merging epic gear.
  • Normal & Epic Treasure Chests – On the Treasure Chest screen, you have the option to watch ads to open normal and epic chests without needing keys. These chests are crucial for getting a head start in the game, acquiring new gear, and progressing. Keep in mind that the cooldown times for these chests are quite long. The normal chest has a 20-hour cooldown, while the epic chest has a 50-hour cooldown. Additionally, the gold key chest has a countdown that grants you an automatic Epic item.
  • Online/Offline – Once you open the app with an internet connection, you can turn off your internet and still claim AFK rewards and participate in the 7-Day Login Event. However, make sure the app remains open and doesn’t close completely. This not only saves data but also speeds up your device by avoiding background-loading ads.
  • Past Chapters – If you’re having trouble with the current chapter, you can revisit and replay completed chapters. Tap the green arrow on the fight tab to access them. This is a useful way to gather equipment scrolls from bosses, as well as earn additional gold and experience points.
  • Pausing the Game – During battles, you can pause the game to view the skills you have. You can have up to 6 normal skills and 6 passive skills at a time.
  • Saving Data – The game loads ads in the background, which can consume your mobile data. To save on data usage, consider playing the game in airplane mode or turning off your mobile data while playing.
  • ST Domain Skill – This skill creates a protective force field around your character, damaging enemies who come close and pushing them back. It is highly effective when you want to stand in one place and eliminate enemies. Take caution when encountering elite enemies and bosses. You will notice barrels forming a circle around you just outside the screen’s view. These barrels contain coins, magnets, hearts, and “kill all” items that allow you to collect all the experience points on the screen.


  • Changing Your Device’s Time – Although it is possible to change the time on your device to speed up normal and epic chests, as well as energy regeneration, doing so will break the game. You won’t be able to go online without resetting the clock back to normal, and you may face time penalties corresponding to the amount of time you jumped ahead. Additionally, you won’t be able to claim chests that require online ads. If you encounter any issues resulting from changing the time, you must reinstall the Lonely Survivor app to resolve them.


  • Ad Reward Glitch – Occasionally, you may encounter a glitch where you don’t receive a reward after watching an ad. In such cases, you’ll need to watch another ad to obtain the intended reward.