RCO is a free tool that boosts performance in Roblox games by optimizing client settings like graphics, caching, and telemetry.

RCO tweaks hidden settings called FFlags in the Roblox client, enhancing game performance and FPS.

Download and run the installer from the RCO website. Open RCO and click "Optimize" for automatic optimization of your Roblox client.

RCO is completely safe as it doesn't modify core Roblox files. It's widely trusted and used by millions of people.

Download RCO for free from the official website. Access helpful resources like FAQs and a user forum.

While RCO is effective, it can't improve poorly optimized games and may not work on all computers.

Other tools like Roblox Performance Booster and Roblox FPS Unlocker exist, but RCO is widely regarded as the best.

RCO is a powerful tool to enhance Roblox game performance. Give it a try to optimize your gaming experience.

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