Bobby Green Finds a Father Figure in Coach Jacob Behney

Bobby Green, a talented contender in the UFC lightweight division, shares a unique and touching story about how he found a father figure in his coach, Jacob Behney. In this article, we delve into their inspiring relationship and the impact it has had on Green’s life and career.

Meeting Coach Jacob Behney

In an interview on The Joe Rogan Podcast, Green shares the story of how he first met Coach Behney. Green tells it in a simple way, saying, “I met my dad at the gym when I was doing Jiu-Jitsu.

It was only after one class that he contacted me and asked about the supplements I was using, like BCAA’s and stuff. Honestly, I didn’t even know what a supplement was back then!”

A Coach Like No Other

Green soon realized that Coach Behney was different from the other coaches he had encountered. Green recounts his realization to Joe Rogan, saying, “Coach Behney brought me a care package and showed me a level of care and concern that was unmatched.

He genuinely cared about my well-being and wanted to ensure I was healthy and doing the right things.”

A Difficult Childhood

When Green was growing up, he faced many tough challenges and had to live in different foster homes. His mom struggled with drug addiction, and his dad was away in prison. But Coach Behney’s kindness and generosity left a lasting impact on Green.

Behney saw Green’s potential and encouraged him to improve his skills, supporting him throughout his journey. Green warmly remembers his father’s advice, saying, “My dad always told me that it’s not just about what you achieve, but how you help others.

He recognized my talent, but also stressed the importance of making positive choices beyond the fighting arena.”

Recent Fight and No-Contest

Green’s latest fight took place against Jared Gordon at UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs. Blaydes. Regrettably, the match concluded with a no-contest ruling due to an accidental headbutt that caused Gordon to get knocked down.

Nevertheless, Green’s unwavering determination and impressive skills were on full display, leaving fans excited and anticipating his future endeavors.

Jacob Behney’s Prison Story

During his interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, Jacob Behney, who is Green’s foster father, shared a compelling story about his time in prison as a first-time offender. Behney found himself in trouble for unknowingly violating unwritten rules and codes of conduct within the Californian prison system.

He shared his mistakes and the difficulties he encountered during his time in prison in an honest and open manner.

Surviving Adversity

Because Behney was unaware of how prisons worked, he got into a fight with an inmate from a different racial background. However, thanks to his combat skills, he was able to control the situation by choking his opponent until they lost consciousness.

Behney’s story becomes even more intense when he talks about being moved to a state prison where he faced threats from people plotting to harm him. Showing incredible bravery, he managed to defend himself against two attackers who tried to stab him.

This highlights his resilience and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

A Special Father-Son Bond

The bond between Green and Behney goes beyond their training in the gym and their fights in the octagon. They share a special father-son relationship based on trust, support, and their shared love for fighting.

Witnessing their connection is heartwarming, and fans are excited to see what the future holds for Green in his UFC career.

Bobby Green’s path from a challenging childhood to becoming a contender in the UFC is even more remarkable because of the presence of his foster father, Jacob Behney. Behney’s guidance and genuine care have played a crucial role in shaping Green’s life and career.