Torchlight Infinite Classes

Torchlight Infinite initially appears to be a standard button-pressing, dungeon-crawling mobile game. Still, once you get past the tutorials and learning curve, there is so much nuance and customization that no two players will play the same class in the same way.

Although Torchlight Infinite classes are the main emphasis of this list, each character’s role will also be considered.

Even though two characters may have the same class, they will not play similarly and will each have their own set of skills and techniques. Future changes to the game are very certainly in store as it develops.

7. Commander: Moto

Moto is the only summoner in the game, although his summons are technological rather than magical.

Instead of being the tank while you do all the damage, the robots are now carrying out the bulk of the work as you use your overload ability to assist and bolster their assaults.

Torchlight Infinite Classes

The two classes in Moto are order calling and charge calling. There are certain distinctions to be aware of, even if their sets share some moves. While charge calling is about utter annihilation, order calling is about bolstering and supporting your massive, tiny army.

In Charge Calling mode, each of your robots will be able to self-destruct, and depending on your leveling, the damage will be terrible. Moto is ranked so low despite his strength because of the way he plays.

Once your robots are fully powered up, they take over, and you may either buff them or wait for the following wave of attackers to resume your cycle.

6. Oracle Thea

Oracle Thea tries to make the game as balanced as possible, as she does with everything heavenly. Each of her four blessings increases attack power and speed or reduces received damage.

If you find yourself in a tight spot or just need to have the area cleared out quickly, you can absorb all the blessings you have accumulated and perform Divine Punishment, a massive AOE strike that also grants an additional benefit based on the kind of blessing you used.

Torchlight Infinite Classes

Thea is technically a mage, but when it comes to understanding what movements to make and what gear to use, she is very much an “easy to learn, hard to master” kind.

Not to mention that, rather than her natural numbers, a large portion of her power will come from equipment. One of only two units with a single class, she doesn’t require more than one class as long as she possesses her magic.

5. Divineshot: Carino

Carino is as clear as a sniper can be. His attacks depend on how much ammunition he presently possesses, as well as special ammunition that increases the damage of each special bullet and additional assistance talents you can equip.

The special ammunition may be used without any additional effort because it automatically applies when it is ready.

His expensive class, Lethal Flash, has a few extra features that the free default class is missing. Consider the Evil Ouroboros skill, which causes any regular ammo to boomerang back in the direction it came from while also damaging any opponents in its path.

Torchlight Infinite Classes

It works well when you have to duck out of the path without significantly decreasing your damage output because you are up against the wall.

However, his gameplay ultimately remains mostly the same: blast opponents until they approach too closely, then dodge and get out of the way.

While he may vary his playstyle somewhat by using different elemental-based builds, the fight nevertheless mostly remains the same.

4. Berserker: Rehan

Rehan is the epitome of simmering wrath, regardless of which of the two classes he belongs to. He is a powerful attacker who smashes into the ground with enormous swords, axes, and hammers to cause AOE damage.

Whether he is striking or defending, each of his talents is intended to increase his power and speed up the development of his fury meter. Don’t let his large height mislead you into believing he’s slow or lacks quickness; he’ll undoubtedly shatter that notion as well.

Torchlight Infinite Classes

Even though he’s not as quick as Carino, he can nonetheless bounce all over the field like an unstoppable force advancing on an immovable object. Rehan is a strong contender to get high statistics with your build, but his basic kit lacks a lot of interesting abilities and passives.

Although they fit his gaming style, he is essentially in the center of the pack when compared to the other heroes and depends on your gear and skills for personalization.

3. Frostfire: Gemma

This mage, a commander of both ice and fire, is all about dealing harm, at whatever cost, as long as she enjoys herself while doing it. Once you’ve increased her fusion energy, her strikes may swiftly and automatically inflict freeze and ignite debuffs.

She is a strong option in terms of pure elemental strength and can be used with the lightning element to deal even more harm.

Torchlight Infinite Classes

Her paid class, Frostbitten Heart, casts off any need for fire and embraces the cold into her heart, allowing her to fight with both cold and cold-bloodedness.

Instead, she uses Frostbite Casket to save herself from dying at the last second and her automated ring assault, appropriately dubbed Ring of Ice, to become all-powerful.

She is only prevented from maintaining the top rank by her limited mobility as a magical-type spellcaster.

2. Cateye: Erika

Erika’s cateye class is to non-elemental harm what Youga and Gemma are to magic. She dashes about the field at top speed while maintaining her buffs, Stalker, and Cat’s Agility up and in rotation. She is all about being swift and lethal.

The key to Stalker is mobility; the more you move, the more multistrike you get. While providing a 200 percent increase (or reduction) to your movement speed, Cat’s Agility boots movement speed.

Torchlight Infinite Classes

Her inability to utilize any elemental magic is one of her main weaknesses. Instead, you must actively maintain her perks if you don’t want to lose the ability to compete with some of the roster’s more powerful players.

Both this class and Divineshot might be compared to glass cannons because they are both strong but brittle.

1. Spacetime Witness: Youga

Youga is a rather contentious figure to put in such a high position, yet he has far more mobility than Gemma does. He can control time to generate a clone that fights with magic beside you for continuous harm. He is also adept at casting and moving about the battlefield.

Torchlight Infinite Classes

His second class, Spacetime Elapse, focuses on increasing the amount of damage over time you can manage in your build while utilizing your reaping ability, which absorbs a percentage of damage equal to how much damage you did with all of your DOTs, effectively melting all opponents on the field.

Take care when using him on the field, since this form requires patience and skill at a high level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What class to play Torchlight: Infinite?

The best unit a player could utilize in Torchlight: Infinite, in the opinion of many gamers, is Berserker Rehan. It is not difficult to understand why he is usually regarded as the ideal starting character for gamers who are completely new to the game and the genre as well.

Can you change class in Torchlight: Infinite?

There isn’t a genuine class system or hero collection system in Torchlight: Infinite where players may call forth various heroes or customize them.

Can you change hero traits in Torchlight: Infinite?

Hero Trait Selection is irreversible, so if you choose Carino’s Lethal Flash Trait and later decide you’d like to switch to his Ranger of Glory Trait, you’ll need to level up a new character. You can choose from a variety of fundamental hero traits when you first start playing Torchlight Infinite.

Is Torchlight: Infinite F2P friendly?

Yes, the game is suitable for free-to-play.