Explore the DMZ Tunnels Location – 2023

Call of Duty players can now embark on exciting new missions and discover fresh locations in the game’s popular DMZ mode. One of the highlights of the recent update is the addition of the Smuggling Tunnels beneath the arid sands of Al Mazrah.

These tunnels are filled with valuable loot and formidable enemies. In this guide, we will explain how to locate and enter the Smuggling Tunnels, as well as provide tips for completing the related mission objectives.

Finding the Smuggling DMZ Tunnels Location in Call of Duty

To locate the Smuggling Tunnels on Al Mazrah, look for an area between Zarqwa Hydroelectric and Al Mazrah City that features a small cluster of buildings and trees. This area is situated next to the main road connecting Rohan Oil and the downtown core.

Although it may initially appear inconspicuous, closer inspection will reveal a hidden treasure trove of loot guarded by heavily armored AI units.

Entering the Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ

There are three different entrances to the Smuggling Tunnels:

  1. Northernmost Entrance: Located on the other side of the main road, this entrance can be accessed through a well that is partially concealed by walls. A quick exploration will lead you to it.
  2. Stronghold Entrance: The stronghold contains a small house with a ladder that allows you to descend into the tunnels. Exercise caution as there will be AI forces waiting for you downstairs.
  3. Southern Entrance: The southernmost entrance is larger and partially hidden by trees and shrubbery. Pay close attention to avoid missing it. This entrance is recommended for the Smuggling Tunnel mission and provides an opportunity to eliminate a significant number of enemies.
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Strategies for Navigating the Smuggling Tunnels

  1. Dealing with AI Combatants: Utilize smoke grenades before descending the ladder to disorient the AI forces waiting below. Frag grenades can also be used to weaken enemies from a distance.
  2. Effective Equipment Usage: Take advantage of the tunnel’s closed space by utilizing lethal equipment such as grenades. Prioritize eliminating riot shield bots, as they pose a threat to your teammates outside the tunnel. If you’re fortunate, an enemy bot may drop a UAV that reveals enemy positions in the vicinity.

lacing Tactical Cameras in the Smuggling Tunnels

In a specific mission, you will need to place tactical cameras at two entrances of the Smuggling Tunnels. Follow these steps:

  1. First Entrance: Use the zipline to descend into the well and place the tactical camera in front of the Stronghold door.
  2. Second Entrance: Proceed to the southern entrance of the Stronghold, which is heavily guarded. Carefully place the tactical camera just after entering the cave door.
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To complete the mission, extract successfully from the deployment area while meeting the objectives.

With the recent update, Call of Duty DMZ offers players exciting new missions and the opportunity to explore the Smuggling Tunnels. By following our guide, you can easily locate and enter these tunnels, navigate the challenging encounters, and successfully complete mission objectives.