Super Power Training Simulator (SPTS Game) – Code 2023

Super Power Training Simulator is a cool game in Roblox where you can train your character to have superpowers! If you want to know about special SPTS codes that give you rewards in the game, this article is for you. We’ll show you a list of codes you can use and explain how to use them.

SPTS Codes List

Here are some codes that are currently active in SPTS. When you use these codes, you’ll get rewards to help you in the game:

  1. 500kfavorites: This code gives you 500k gems.
  2. 200KLIKES: Use this code to get 20k Tokens.
  3. frostlord: Redeem this code for 10k Tokens.
  4. festiveboost: This code also gives you 10k Tokens.
  5. 2MGROUP: Use this code to get Tokens and a Boost.

Remember that codes can change or new ones can be added. We try to keep this list updated, so check back often to see if there are any new codes.

SPTS Expired Codes

These codes used to work, but they don’t anymore:

  1. happynewyear
  3. xbutterflies

How to Using Codes

Right now, there isn’t a way to use codes in SPTS. The game developers haven’t added that feature yet. If they decide to add a way to use codes in the future, we’ll update this article and explain how to do it.

Although you can’t use codes in Super Power Training Simulator at the moment, we hope the game developers will add that option soon. check this article for updates and new codes. If you find any expired codes or discover new active ones, please let us know. Have fun training your character and enjoy playing Super Power Training Simulator in Roblox