Search The Estate For Clues Hogwarts Legacy (2023)

Welcome to the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy! In this article, we guide you to Search The Estate For Clues Hogwarts Legacy

Quest Overview

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Name: In the Shadow of the Estate
  • Rewards: 260 XP

Meeting Sebastian in Feldcroft

The quest begins with meeting Sebastian in Feldcroft. He will be your guide throughout this adventure. Follow him closely and pay attention to the things he says.

Searching for Clues in the Estate

To progress in the quest, you’ll need to find important clues hidden within the estate. Don’t worry; it may seem challenging, but your magical abilities will help you discover these clues.

Clue 1: The Mysterious Pickax

After talking to Sebastian, use the “Revelio” spell. Ahead, near some wood, you’ll find a mysterious “Pickax.” Investigate it to find the first clue.

Search the Estate for Clues Hogwarts Legacy

Clue 2: The Enigmatic Armor and Shield

Continuing with the “Revelio” spell, you’ll discover a fascinating set of “Armor” and a “Shield.” Take a closer look and investigate them carefully.

Search the Estate for Clues Hogwarts Legacy

Clue 3: The Mysterious Furnace

Head back a bit and use the “Revelio” spell again to reveal a mysterious furnace. Investigate it thoroughly for any possible hints.

Search the Estate for Clues Hogwarts Legacy

Clue 4: The Well’s Secrets

On the right side, there’s a house, and beyond it, you’ll find a well. Investigate the well, as it may hold essential information.

Clue 5: Unveiling the Painting

Inside a broken house, there’s a weird painting. Take a good look at it and investigate what it might hide.

Clue 6: Breaking Stone Blocks

Inside the same broken house, you’ll find some stone blocks. Use the “Depuiso” spell to break the blocks and explore what lies beyond.

Completing the Clue Search

After investigating the painting and exploring the broken house, the “Search the Estate for Clues” task will be completed. Now, it’s time to talk to Sebastian once again.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where are the clues in the Shadow of the Estate?

A: To find the clues, first, go near Sebastian, and you’ll spot a pick hammer. Investigate it carefully. Next, head a few steps northwest of the first clue, and you’ll come across a weapon rack. Look closely, and you’ll find another clue there.

Q: How do you search the cellar in Hogwarts Legacy?

A: When you enter the cellar, keep an eye out for two small barrels with handles on them. Additionally, there’s a larger barrel without a handle nearby. Investigate these barrels, and you might uncover something important.

Q: How do I find the estate with Sebastian?

A: After defeating the Goblin force and ensuring that Sebastian is unharmed, check on him and interact with him. He will guide you to the estate, where your search for clues will begin. Stay close to Sebastian, and he’ll lead you there safely.