Rogue With The Dead Guide & Wiki 2023

The idle-clicker RPG Rogue with the Dead, created by room6, mixes power-up components in an endless cycle. There is no such thing as excessive advancement or a deadly injury.

Let’s progress infinitely with our detailed tutorial and starting instructions below:

The game provides you with the chance to select your chosen art style as soon as you start playing. My preferences slant more toward the sweet anime-like motif, but if you’re a fan of pixels, you’ll know what to choose!

rogue with the dead

From there, Elly, our newly chosen mascot, welcomes us and starts outlining how everything operates.

rogue with the dead

It appears that the goal of this game is to destroy the adjacent demon lord. Let’s start by bolstering our attack with money.

rogue with the dead

To obtain a hero for this, go to Soldiers and hit the Hire button to start the Gacha system.

Make Ready for the Attack

It’s time to observe our first soldier’s moves and see how they produce gold for us now that we’ve hired him. Since these units are self-sufficient, all we have to do is watch them generate income.

rogue with the dead

Let’s try completing a few tasks to get a sense of the game as a whole! Go to Quests and select the first quest to start. In order to guarantee success, you can also decide to upgrade your men, although doing so will be expensive.

Battle of the Ancients in The Naga Serpent

It’s time to take on our first significant foe. Let’s proceed to the 30-mile marker and kill the Naga Serpent there, but not until we level up our men so they can handle it.

Rogue With The Dead

Let’s start by rolling additional dice and putting the gold into our army for that. It appears that we lacked the strength to remove it. Fear not—that’s what this manual is for!

Economy and understanding of the game

First things first: gold is the primary means of advancement in Rogue with the Dead. The better is to have more of it, but the idea is to spend more of it.

All things are connected to gold. Of course, there are also other factors. However, gold is the only way to go beyond the most fundamental level. Simply put, think of crystals and diamonds as a technique to facilitate the production of gold.

There will initially be two main ways to obtain gold. Any opponent killed by your troops or by you will drop gold. In addition, doing missions is another way to get gold.

Let’s get more deeply into each of those techniques:

Quest-taking is your early-game ally

Without a doubt, doing quests is the simplest way to get gold. As long as you keep pushing the start button, you will be receiving chunks of solid gold every few seconds.

Although there is a pay-to-win method of automating this that involves using crystals, it’s not really advised because the game is designed on campaign models, and most of these items reset if a campaign fails.

Having said that, all you have to do is keep attempting tasks, improving them, and earning gold. There is, however, a very thin line between the two.

Everything is moving in Rogue With The Dead

The better and longer-lasting tasks you unlock depend on how many kilometers you have traveled. You don’t want to overspend on your quests to the point that the return is negative relative to the expenditure.

Try to level up your missions until they are level 20 (tentative), then join the better ones when they become available. Do not forget that your first bottleneck will appear at around mile 100. In order to hit that goal, you should be speedrunning your first campaign.

The next step is a cycle of unlocking superior units, upgrading them, and maintaining competition.

Do you typically use questing? It’s not always

Surprised? Yes, completing quests will get you an amazing amount of gold. However, as you get farther, it will take longer to complete each task, and eventually it will become monotonous.

You would be left with nothing to do but look at your screen as you awaited the moment that your pocket would be filled with a gold payday.

Monster hunting will always be your major source of revenue during the campaign in order to continuously produce gold.

But you shouldn’t give up on missions either; bring both versions with you to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Maximizing Profits by Slaying Monsters

I noted the gold that monsters who are killed drop. Although your early game advancement isn’t greatly aided by this, you would still be receiving some type of guaranteed revenue from it.

Due to the autonomy of the majority of Rogue with the Dead components, your campaigns will either be financially successful or disastrously unsuccessful. There is no middle ground.

Consequently, invest in your soldiers, spells, and everything else that might offer you an advantage over the horde in order to not only survive but also make the most money.

General Advice to Get You Started

To enjoy the game while progressing, bear in mind the following general guidelines:

  1. Master the Gacha System: Heroes are obtained using the Gacha system. The strength of your squad may be significantly impacted by knowing the odds and when to roll. In combat, the right hero may change the course of events.
  2. Strategic Soldier Deployment: Every soldier possesses special skills and advantages. You can get an advantage in fights by being aware of these and tactically placing your forces. For instance, certain enemy types may be easier for some soldiers to handle than others.
  3. Use the Power of Synergy: Due to their complementary powers, some troops and spells are more effective when used together. Knowing these combos and skillfully utilizing them will greatly increase your battle effectiveness.
  4. Recognize Your Enemies: Just as each of your soldiers has a special skill, so do each of your adversaries. You can develop stronger strategies and more effective attacks against them by being aware of their advantages and disadvantages.
  5. Optimize Your Spell Usage: Spell usage should be optimized since some spells have the potential to completely alter the course of a battle. Your fights may significantly change if you know when and where each spell should be used.
  6. Create a campaign plan: Every campaign offers a fresh chance to advance. Planning your campaigns, establishing goals, and developing a plan to reach those goals may all help you advance more quickly.
  7. Invest wisely in improvements: As you advance, you’ll get access to a variety of improvements. The appropriate upgrades can significantly impact your progression because not all upgrades are made equal.
  8. Use the Game Mechanics to Your Advantage: “Rogue with the Dead” contains a number of game mechanics, such as the campaign concept and autonomous aspects. You may advance more quickly by being aware of these mechanisms and leveraging them to your advantage.
  9. Experiment and learn: Don’t be scared to try out various settings and techniques. Trial and error is sometimes the best way to learn.