Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Guide 2023

Welcome to my easy-to-understand guide on Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello! Tokyo Saga is a PvP (Player versus Player) game that combines different elements from the series Tokyo Revengers. In this game, your main goal is to train and become the strongest player.

Let’s dive into this guide and get started!

Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello Guide:

Tips for Progression: There are several ways to progress in Tokyo Saga Trello:

  1. Stat Progression: You can increase your stats by using training equipment available at the Boxing Gym and Local Gym. Each gym offers different equipment that helps you gain stats faster. You can also find equipment that boosts specific stats in the training equipment category.
  2. Job Progression: You can level up your job and improve your stats by repeatedly doing a certain job. This increases your proficiency and the amount of money you earn. Available jobs can be found in the quests category.
  3. PvP Progression: PvP can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to fight. To progress in PvP, visit the library and get the PvP Guide. The guide provides valuable combat skills.
  4. Style Progression: To progress in styles, you need to improve your stats. Each style skill has specific stat requirements. Train your stats to meet those requirements and learn new skills.

Understanding Stat Bars:

Your stat bars are divided into three sections: Health (HP), Hunger, and Stamina.

  1. Health (HP): Your health bar depends on your defense stat. The higher your defense, the more health and durability you have. To increase your health, use equipment like Sit Ups, Advanced Sit Ups, and Calisthenics.
  2. Hunger: Your hunger bar is not affected by any stat. It remains the same regardless of your stats. To restore hunger, buy food from shops across the Tokyo Saga map.
  3. Stamina: Your stamina bar is influenced by your speed stat. A higher speed stat allows you to run for longer periods and at a faster pace. Increase your speed by using equipment like Squats and Jump Rope.

Current Max Stats:

Here are the maximum stats you can achieve:

  • Strength: 1700
  • Defense: 2800
  • Speed: 25
  • Stamina: 600
  • Hit Speed: 0.5 (The lower the value, the faster the hit speed)
  • Max Job Levels: Clothes Sewing, Motor Repair, Baking, Mechanic 5.5

Muscle and Fat Guide:

Muscle and fat play different roles in Tokyo Saga:

  1. Muscle: Muscle provides extra defense and strength. It only offers buffs, and the maximum muscle level is “Bigger.” To gain muscle, focus on activities that increase strength.
  2. Fat: Fat increases your strength but reduces your speed. The maximum fat level is 120kg. Eating foods like Rice, Salad, and Chicken Salad can help you lose weight, while other foods may cause weight gain.

Character Modes:

Tokyo Saga offers different character modes that provide unique benefits. Here are some obtainable and exclusive modes:

Obtainable Modes:

  1. Dark Impulse:
    • Location: Beside the hospital
    • Requirements: 100 strength, 100 defense, 10 speed, and 50k¥
    • Buffs: +30 strength, +5 speed, +500 health regen
  2. Dark Impulse V2:
    • Location: Right in front of the mechanic quest
    • Requirements: 250 strength, 300 defense, 12 speed, and 100k¥
    • Buffs: +70 strength, +8 speed, +500 health regen
  3. White Impulses:
    • Location: In front of the mall
    • Requirements: 400 strength, 500 defense, 12 speed, and 200k¥
    • Buffs: +300 strength, +20 speed, +5000 health regen
  4. Rage:
    • Location: School roof
    • Requirements: 400 strength, 500 defense, 12 speed, and 200k¥
    • Buffs: +500 strength, +5 speed
  5. Rage V2:
    • Location: Public Library
    • Requirements: 1000 defense, 1000 strength, 18 speed, and 500k¥
    • Buffs: +1000 strength, +10 speed
  6. Zombie:
    • Location: Public bathrooms
    • Requirements: 500k¥, 1000 strength, 1000 defense, and 18 speed
    • Buffs: Regens 20 health per 0.2 seconds for 30 seconds

Exclusive Modes:

  1. Advance:
    • Requirements: Tokita clan
    • Location: Hidden
    • Buffs: +150 strength, +20 speed, -0.05 hitspeed, +5000 health regen
  2. Removal:
    • Requirements: Kure clan
    • Location: Hidden
    • Buffs: +350 strength, +15 speed, -0.03 hitspeed, +5000 health regen
  3. Cry:
    • Requirements: Kawata Clan
    • Buffs: +250 strength, +20 speed, +5000 health regen
  4. Hanna Rage:
    • Requirements: Hañna Clan
    • Buffs: +600 strength, +10 speed

Tokyo Saga NPC:

Interactive NPCs play various roles in Tokyo Saga. Here are a few NPCs you may encounter:

  1. Style Reset NPC:
    • Location: Right next to the Pizza and Local Gym
    • Requirement: 50,000¥ to reset your style
  2. Homeless Man:
    • Donating 10¥ to the homeless man may bring future rewards
  3. Bread NPC:
    • Location: All around the map
    • Requirement: 150¥ per bread
  4. Plastic Surgeon NPC:
    • Location: Inside the hospital
    • Requirement: 7,000¥ to remove scars
  5. Rice NPC:
    • Location: Next to the hospital
    • Requirement: 150¥ per rice
  6. Hotel NPC:
    • Location: Near West Side store and Chicken Sisters
    • Requirement: 4,000¥ for a hotel room

Style Trainers:

Style Trainers are NPCs that can help you develop your fighting style. Here are a few of them:

  1. Street Style Trainer:
    • Location: Outside of School
    • Style Requirement: Non-Style, 80 Strength, 70 Defense, 60 Stamina, and 5 speed
    • First Skill Requirement: Street Style, 95 Strength, 90 Defense, 70 Stamina, and 9 speed
    • Second Skill Requirement: Street Style, Stomach Kick Skill, 150 Strength, 130 Defense, 80 Stamina, and 12 speed
  2. Street Advance Style Trainer:
    • Location: Outside of school
    • Advanced Style Requirement: Street Style, Stomach Kick Skill, Strong Head Skill, 500 Strength, 475 Defense, 400 Stamina, and 17 speed
    • Advanced First Skill Requirement: Advanced Street, 550 Strength, 550 Defense, 450 Stamina, and 19 speed
    • Advanced Second Skill Requirement: Advanced Street, Dirty Kick Skill, 625 Strength, 625 Defense, 500 Stamina, and 20 speed
  3. JeetKuneDo Style Trainer:
    • Location: Next to Moebius Base and Karate Style NPC
    • Style Requirement: Non-Style, 100 Strength, 70 Defense, 40 Stamina, and 8 speed
    • First Skill Requirement: JeetKuneDo Style, 120 Strength, 80 Defense, 70 Stamina, and 10 speed
    • Second Skill Requirement: JeetKuneDo Style, Side Kick Skill, 140 Strength, 95 Defense, 90 Stamina, and 12 speed

Unobtainable/Limited Styles:

There are certain styles that are not available to all players or have limited availability. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Boring Style:
    • Location: Church Zone
    • Style Requirement: Non-Style, 600 Strength, 600 Defense, 200 Stamina, and 17 speed
    • First Skill Requirement: Boring Style, 750 Strength, 750 Defense, 350 Stamina, and 19 speed
    • Second Skill Requirement: Boring Style, BackHand Punch Skill, 850 Strength, 850 Defense, 450 Stamina, and 23 speed
  2. Old Boxing Style:
    • Style Requirement: Non-Style, 95 Strength, 120 Defense, 95 Stamina, and 12 speed
    • First Skill Requirement: Old Boxing Style, 125 Strength, 165 Defense, 120 Stamina, and 14 Speed
    • Second Skill Requirement: Old Boxing Style, Goofy Uppercut Skill, 120 Strength, 80 Defense, 100 Stamina, and 12 speed

Rules of Tokyo Saga Game:

To ensure fair play and a positive gaming experience, the following rules apply in the Tokyo Saga Trello game:

  1. Stay in your lore character’s gang if you are a lore character. Leaving your gang will result in the removal of your lore.
  2. Do not abuse bugs or glitches.
  3. Follow the rules of ROBLOX Terms of Service.
  4. Do not leave the game when being gripped by another player as it can cause bugs.
  5. Do not stack modes. You can use one mode at a time and wait for it to expire before using another.
  6. Fake titles are not allowed. Once you have an official title, you cannot change it unless you win a tournament or giveaway.
  7. Do not use NPCs that reset your character during combat.
  8. Inf carrying (carrying a player indefinitely) is not allowed (limited to 3 minutes).
  9. Inf knocking (knocking a player indefinitely) is not allowed (limited to 4 or more knocks).
  10. Roblox NSFW content is not allowed.
  11. Trying to move players out of the safe zone is not allowed.
  12. Dodging or blocking while gripping another player is not allowed.
  13. If you are banned in-game, you will also be banned from the Discord server and vice versa.
  14. Banning in-game or in the Discord server only applies for severe rule violations, not minor offenses like pinging owners.

This guide provides valuable information for players of Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this Trello guide, you can enhance your progression in the game and make the most out of your experience.