Roblox Ken Omega Trello 2023

If you’re a player of Ken Omega Trello on Roblox, you already know that mastering the game requires skill, strategy, and organization.

That’s where Roblox Ken Omega Trello comes in. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the game, so you won’t have to search elsewhere for answers.

Game Mechanics


Blocking is a defensive move that allows you to nullify damage and stun from most attacks. However, while blocking, your stamina won’t recharge, and getting hit in this state will drain your stamina. Some attacks, like an RMB, can break through your block.

Perfect Blocking

Unlike other games, in Ken Omega, you can perfect block players’ LMB attacks. When you successfully perfect block, it stuns your opponent and significantly boosts your stamina.


When your HP reaches zero, instead of instantly dying, you get knocked. In this vulnerable state, you’re unable to take any action. Other players can press B to grip you, resulting in your defeat.


Getting hit at low HP causes scars, which increase the damage you take in fights. You can heal these scars by purchasing bandages.

Coughing Blood

If you see a player coughing blood, it means they have low HP or stamina.


Stats play a crucial role in the game’s progression. Each stat can be improved through specific training methods. The current stat caps are as follows:

  • 850 Strength [Hard Capped]
  • 2500 Durability [Soft Capped]
  • 90 Speed [Hard Capped] [Normal Clan]
  • Infinite Stamina

Ken Omega Clans Guide

Clans in Ken Omega are like last names given to players. Most clans have no significant effect, but some rare clans provide a slight durability buff. Legendary clans offer buffs, as well as unique skills or forms.

Here’s a list of clans:

Dev Clans:

  • Lee
  • O_O
  • Hanma

Rare Clans

Currently, there are only two rare clans in the game, with the same rarity as common clans:

  • Reinhold: Buffs Dura gain by 1.9x during training.
  • Gizenga: Buffs Dura gain by 1.5x during training.

Legendary Clans

There are three Legendary Clans in the game, which have a 2% chance of being obtained through the reroll system:

  • Mikazuchi: Grants the Lightning Flash skill, increases speed cap to 170.
  • Kure: Provides the Removal form, which boosts power output by 160% and changes the appearance of your eyes.
  • Kū: Grants the Gekutsu form, increasing power output by 150% and raising the speed cap to 130.

Ken Omega Skill Guide

Skill Book

Skills in Ken Omega are obtained through an item called the Skill Book. You can have a maximum of two skills at a time.

  • Advance Skill: A Legendary form that turns your body red with a black aura, causing scars. Can be stacked with Removal.
  • Flash Fire Skill: A Legendary skill that allows you to dash around like a shadow, usable mid-combo.

Ken Omega Items Guide

Gym Membership Card

Found in Muscle Mania, this card grants access to the gym for training purposes.

Breathing Mask

Located in the Hospital, this item allows you to train stamina when your stamina is regenerating.


Also found in the Hospital, bandages heal scars over time, reducing the additional damage you take.

Vests and Weights

Muscle Mania offers various vests and weights for training:

  • 10kg Vest
  • 20kg Vest
  • 40kg Vest
  • 80kg Vest
  • 120kg Vest
  • 300kg Vest
  • Heavy Weight

Each vest is used for sit-ups or push-ups, except the weights.

With this Ken Omega Trello guide, you now have a comprehensive understanding of the game’s mechanics, clans, skills, and items. Remember, staying organized is crucial for survival and success in Ken Omega. Happy gaming!