Roblox Force Trello 2023

Are you searching for the Roblox Force Trello link? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will provide you with the working Roblox Force Trello link, along with the Wiki and Discord invite link.

Roblox Force is an exciting game developed by Angeroast. It takes place in an alternate universe within the Star Wars universe. In this universe, the corrupted authoritarian Empire has triumphed over the Resistance, leaving only a few survivors.

These survivors have sought refuge in distant game worlds, where they strive to live peacefully, knowing that defeating the Empire is impossible.

Roblox Force Trello

If you need information about the Roblox Force game, you can find it on the Roblox Force Game Trello page. Click the link below to access the Trello page, where you will find details on how the game functions.

Roblox Force Trello

On Roblox Force Trello, you will find important information and guides about the game. Here are some of the details you can discover:

  1. Game Information:
  • Lives & Wiping
  • Levels
  • Controls
  • Factions
  • Experience
  • Currency
  • Karma
  • Form Hunger
  • Injuries
  • Switcher, and more.
  1. Game Classes
  2. Skill Tree Guide:
  • Force-Sensitive Skills
  • Regular Skills
  1. All Quests and NPCs in FORCE
  2. Weapons, Armor, Items, Saber Types, Races, Accessories, and World Events in the game

Roblox Force Discord

If you want to engage with the Roblox Force community, join the official Roblox Force Discord server. Use the link below to join:

Roblox Force Discord Link – Click Here

Roblox Force Wiki

For comprehensive information about the Roblox Force game, visit the Roblox Force Wiki. Access the Wiki through the following link:

Roblox Force Wiki Link – Click Here

Roblox Force Beginner Guide

If you’re new to the game and unsure about what to do, this guide is for you!

  1. Starting Point:
  • Begin in the Astral Realm
  • Choose your gender and customize your appearance
  • Select your in-game race (Tweel, Zabrak, Sylis, Okupi, Mythrol, Human) Note: Races provide minor buffs but are not crucial to your gameplay.
  1. Permadeath Mechanic:
  • You start with seven lives
  • When you lose all lives, you end up in Death’s Workshop in the game
  1. Life Orb – Stages:
  • Spawn in one of four locations:
    • Mos Relso
    • Sunlight Glade
    • Saro’s Repose
    • Taweret
  • Travel to other planets by accessing transport ships
  • Options: Tatooine, Illum, Kira, or Kashyyk (free of charge)
  1. Class Selection:
  • Choose from five paths:
    • Stormtrooper
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Jedi
    • Sith
    • Rebel
  1. Sith/Jedi Training:
  • Complete the Lightsaber Quest (Deliver Message, Flowers, Kyber Crystal)
  1. Earning EXP and Money:
  • Basic Postal Info (Postals)
  • Basic Commission Info (Commissions)
  • Basic Bounty Info (Bounties)
  • Ores Basic Info (Mining)

Roblox Force Karma

Karma in Roblox Force is acquired by killing

gamers from opposing factions, such as Sith X Jedi or Jedi X Sith. However, it’s important to note that killing gamers from your own faction does not earn you Karma (contrary to a false statement that may circulate).

Here’s a guide to the different factions in Roblox Force:

  1. The Jedi Order:
    • Main temple: Illum
    • Rankings: Jedi Council, Grandmaster, Master of the Order, Jedi Master, Youngling I, Padawan, Youngling II, Initiate, Youngling III, Force Sensitive, Jedi Knight
    • Divisions: Jedi Consulars, Jedi Guardians, Jedi Sentinels
  2. Rebel Alliance:
    • Bases: Tavli’o Dockbay on Kashyyk, Dockbay on Illum
    • Rankings: Private First Class, Commander, Corporal, Master Sergeant, Head of Delegations, Delegation of the Alliance, Warrant Officer, Private, Captain, Major General, Militiamen, Major, Colonel, General, Lieutenant, Sergeant
  3. Sith Order:
    • Base of operations: Dremuund on Kira
    • Rankings: Apprentice, Warrior, Marauder, Disciple, Imperator, Sith Knight, Servant, Celator, The Voice & Wrath, Galactic Emperor, Darth, Dark Council, Pending, Acolyte, Sith Lord
    • Divisions: Battlemasters, Revenants, Executors, Inquisitors
  4. Galactic Empire:
    • Army: Stormtroopers
    • Main base: Dremuund on Kira
    • Rankings: Galactic Emperor, Dark Council, Executive Officer, Commander, The Supreme Commander, Lance Corporal, Sergeant First Class, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Enlisted, Corporal, Private, Lieutenant, Warrant Officer, Captain, Private First Class, First Sergeant
    • Division: Shadow Troopers
  5. Bounty Hunters Guild:
    • Members: Mandalorians and Normal Bounty Hunters
    • Main base: Scoundrel’s Cave on Tatooine
    • Rankings: Novice, Awaiting Registration, Mandalorian Knight, Guild Leader, War Leader, Veteran, Commander, Rookie, Mandalorian Elite, Expert, Mandalorian, Mandalorian Guardian, Experienced
    • Clans: Clan Mudhorn, Clan Vizsla, Clan Fett
    • Special Ranks: Deathwatch Commander, Protector of Mandalore, Mando Elite

Roblox Force Controls

To navigate the Roblox Force game, here are the controls:

PC Controls:

  • Use the WASD keys to move
  • Double-tap the W key to run
  • Double-tap the Spacebar to double jump
  • Press the ` key to open your inventory
  • Use the 1-9 keys to choose from the toolbar
  • Dash using the Q+W/A/S/D keys
  • Ignite your weapon with the E key
  • Grip/kill a downed opponent with the B key
  • Crouch with the C key
  • Access the emote wheel with the G key
  • Open the menu with the P key
  • Use the left mouse button (LMB) for normal attacks
  • Tap the F key to perform a perfect block
  • Use the T key to parry incoming attacks
  • Perform a heavy attack/guard break with the right mouse button (RMB)
  • Hold down the F key to block incoming attacks

Xbox Controls:

  • Press DPADUP to view stats
  • Press LT + X button for emotes
  • Use L3 + X button for heavy skill (Mercy/Execute)
  • Use L3 + RT button to throw your lightsaber
  • Press DPADRIGHT for Shift Lock
  • Press DP

ADDOWN for Grip

  • Press DPADLEFT to reload

In this Roblox Force Trello wiki guide, we have covered important information about the game. We provided the Roblox Force Trello link, which is a valuable resource for understanding the game’s mechanics and features.

Additionally, we shared the Roblox Force Discord link for those who wish to engage with the game’s community. The Roblox Force Wiki was also introduced as a comprehensive source of game information.

For beginners, we offered a guide to starting the game, including character customization and race selection. We explained the permadeath mechanic and how it affects gameplay. Furthermore, we outlined the various in-game locations and how to travel between them using transport ships.

To progress in Roblox Force, we discussed the five factions available: Jedi Order, Rebel Alliance, Sith Order, Galactic Empire, and Bounty Hunters Guild. Each faction has its own unique rankings and divisions, providing players with different gameplay experiences.

Lastly, we provided a list of controls for both PC and Xbox players, enabling smoother navigation and combat within the game.

We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding Roblox Force and its various components. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy your journey in the Roblox Force universe!