Rage Mage Beginner Guide – 2023

Rage Mage is a new online RPG developed by ‘Modo Global’ specifically designed for mobile devices. As the game is still fresh, many players are searching for a Rage Mage beginner guide.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide for beginners, focusing on the important aspects of the game.

Rage Mage Beginner Guide Wiki

Activating Your Weapon

To maximize the potential of your weapon, ensure it has critical stats. Why is this important? It’s because of the “current equipment” effect that grants an additional 100% critical hit chance.

For example, if your weapon has a base crit stat of 4%, it will be doubled to 8% with the “current equipment” effect.

Understanding Other Equipment

When it comes to headgear, top, belt, or bottom items, they do not have the “current equipment” effect. Instead, they provide solid resistance stats, typically 8% or 10% depending on your gear level.

On the other hand, bracers and gloves function similarly to weapons. If the desired stat is not present in their potential stats, it’s best not to activate them.

  • Bracer = restrict
  • Gloves = counter

Utilizing Necklace Potential Stats

Necklaces have unique potential stats that provide an additional 50 points for HP, Attack (Atk), and Defense (Def). However, these stats only apply to the necklace itself and not your character’s overall stats.

To make the most of these potential stats, it’s advisable to acquire high-quality gear tiers, such as Z 95-100 or SZ tier, before activating the potential.

Relics in Rage Mage

Relics play a crucial role in enhancing your character’s abilities. Here are some notable relics and their effects:

Blue Relics

  1. Flower of Life
    • Level 1: Max HP+15%
    • Level 2: Max HP+16.5%
    • Level 3: Max HP+18%
  2. Energy Drink
    • Level 1: HP Regen for each round +1800
    • Level 2: HP Regen for each round +2400
  3. Magic Bracelet
    • Level 1: Mojo+20%
    • Level 2: Mojo+21%
    • Level 3: Mojo+22%
    • Level 4: Mojo+23%
  4. Purple Chalice
    • Level 1: Highest of the five Special Stats +10%
    • Level 2: Highest of the five Special Stats +11%
    • Level 3: Highest of the five Special Stats +12%

Purple Relics

  • Crystal Hourglass
  • Shadow Plume
  • Dragon Soulstone
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Blazing Fang
  • Bloodseeker Heart
  • Loud Olifant
  • Fable of Rebirth

Yellow Relics

  • Golden Emblem
  • Azure Emblem
  • Scarlet Emblem
  • Emblem of Light

Rage Mage Gem Guide

Gems are valuable assets in Rage Mage that can greatly enhance your character’s performance. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of gems and their costs:

ItemQuantityCost (Diamonds)Cost per Gem
Premium Gem (lvl 4)180029.63
Low Tier Chart1158
Mid Tier Chart1228
High Tier Chart1298

Gem Crafting Guide

Crafting gems allows you to level them up and unlock their full potential. Here’s a guide on the number of level 1 gems required and their corresponding costs:

LevelAmount of lvl1 gems requiredCost by buying lvl1 Gem (Diamonds)

It’s worth noting that one level 4 gem is composed of 3 raised to the power of 4-1 (3^(4-1)) level 1 gems, resulting in 27 level 1 gems. Considering this, the “Cost per Gem” mentioned earlier accounts for buying 27 gems. By purchasing the 800-pack, you save 10 gems.

With this Rage Mage beginner guide, we aimed to provide essential information about important cards, relics, and runes in the game.

By following these tips and understanding the game mechanics, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled Rage Mage player. So gear up, enhance your gems and relics, and embark on your epic journey!