Pixel Piece Wiki, Map 2023

Welcome to the Pixel Piece wiki, map guide! This article will provide you with an updated map of Pixel Piece, featuring all the locations and items you can find there.

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned adventurer, this guide will help you navigate the vast world of Pixel Piece and discover valuable treasures. Let’s dive in!

Pixel Piece Map: Starter Island

On the Starter Island, you’ll encounter bandits of the sea. The bandits, Gabi (Level 1+) and the Bandit Boss Sophia (Level 10+), pose a challenge for aspiring adventurers. Here are some items you can obtain on the Starter Island:

  1. Classic Cutlass
  2. Classic Katana
  3. Shells Town Log Pose
  4. Pixel Piece Pose
  5. Rowboat

Shells Town Map

To explore Shells Town, you must reach level 15 or higher. Prepare to face off against Marines equipped with Cutlass Swords and the Corrupt Commander AXE Hand Morgan. Here are the obtainable items in Shells Town:

  1. Katana
  2. Axe Hand
  3. Marine Cap
  4. Metal Jaw
  5. Caravel
  6. Orange Town Log Pose
  7. Baratie Log Pose

Orange Town Map

To venture into Orange Town, you need to reach level 35 or higher. Prepare to confront the Puggy Pirates, Kabaji, and Captain Puggy. Here are the obtainable items in Orange Town:

  1. Cutlass Kaba
  2. Puggy Knives [W.I.P]
  3. Cutlass Charlie [W.I.P]
  4. Clown Nose
  5. Kaba Scarf
  6. Puggy Scarf
  7. Puggy Hat
  8. Knarr
  9. Syrup Village Log Pose

Vaill Island Map

To explore Vaill Island, you must reach level 70 or higher. This island holds great importance as it is where you can learn the powers of Haki. The Haki Trainer will guide you and set up a fight against the Ancient Gorilla Boss. Keep an eye out for this special encounter!

Syrup Village Map

Syrup Village is accessible once you reach level 70 or higher. Here, you will find trainers such as the Geppo Trainer and Sword Style Trainer. Prepare to face various enemies, including Nuro Bandits, Strong Nuro Bandits, Booster Bandits, and Nuro Pirates. Obtainable items in Syrup Village include:

  1. Shark Park Log Pose
  2. Nuro Claws [W.I.P]

Shark Park Map

To enter Shark Park, you must reach level 110 or higher. This location is dominated by Orling Bandits. You can obtain the powerful Shark Sword here, so be sure to explore this area if you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal.

Baratie Map

At Baratie, you can learn the Black-Leg Fighting Style. The Black Leg Trainer named Sandro will teach you the techniques of this formidable combat style. Sharpen your skills and unleash devastating attacks with this knowledge.

Arena Island Map

For those seeking PvP action, the Arena Island offers an exciting PvP Arena mode. Test your skills against other players and prove yourself as the ultimate fighter in Pixel Piece.

Lost Island Map

Although the Lost Island has no specific purpose, it may still hold hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Explore this mysterious location and see if you can uncover any hidden treasures or surprises.

Central Port Map

In the Central Port, you’ll find fruit dealers who sell various fruits in exchange for Robux or Gold. If you’re looking to expand your abilities, acquiring these fruits can provide you with unique powers and advantages.

That concludes our comprehensive guide to the Pixel Piece map, featuring all the locations and items available in the game. Use this guide as a reference to navigate the vast world of Pixel Piece and make the most of your adventure.

Whether you’re a treasure hunter, a skilled fighter, or a curious explorer, there’s something for everyone in Pixel Piece. Good luck and may your journey be filled with excitement and success!