Old Lighthouse Citadel Room Key Location (2023)

In the exciting world of Call of Duty Warzone 2 and MW2, there’s a popular location called the Old LightHouse Citadel room Key. If you want to discover this hidden spot, let me guide you.

Step 1: Head to Sarrif Bay

To begin your adventure, make your way to Sarrif Bay on the map. Sarrif Bay is a place full of thrilling action, situated near both Al Bagra Fortress and Al Malik Airport. When you arrive, you’ll notice the beautiful sea testing out before you, surrounded by various buildings.

Step 2: Finding the Lighthouse

Now, it’s time to locate the Old LightHouse Citadel room Key. Among the buildings in Sarrif Bay, there’s a small island, and at the end of that island stands a lighthouse. This lighthouse is where you’ll find entry to the citadel room.

Old Lighthouse Citadel Room Key

Step 3: Discover the Loot

As you venture inside the lighthouse citadel room, you’ll be rewarded with a trove of valuable loot. Keep a look out for vests, helmets, health kits, guns, and other stuff. Collecting these items will give you an advantage as you continue your thrilling gaming experience.

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Helpful Tips

To make it even easier for you, we’ve provided a screenshot that highlights the exact location of the small island building in Sarrif Bay.

By zooming in on the map and identifying the last building on that island, you’ll have no problem finding the entrance to the lighthouse citadel room.

Old Lighthouse Citadel Room Key

Now that you know the steps to find the Old LightHouse Citadel room Key in Warzone 2 MW2, you’re ready to embark on your gaming journey.

Enjoy exploring Sarrif Bay and finding the secrets of the lighthouse citadel room. May the loot be plentiful, and the victories be even

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where is Lighthouse DMZ?

In Warzone 2 MW2, there’s no specific location called “Lighthouse DMZ.” However, the Old Lighthouse Citadel is a popular spot in Sarrif Bay. To reach this area, look for the last building on the small island, which is a lighthouse. Inside the lighthouse, you’ll find the Citadel room key and fantastic loot to equip yourself for exciting battles.