MineTap Wiki 2023

Welcome to MineTap Wiki! Get ready to explore the exciting world of MineTap, a simulation, puzzle, merge, and offline mobile game developed by Geeky House. If you enjoy games like Minecraft.

We’ll go through the fundamentals of the game in this blog.
We’ll go over key game elements and offer some helpful tips and methods to help you level up quicker.

Block List: Merge and Create New Blocks

In MineTap, you have a variety of blocks that you can merge to create new and exciting ones. Refer to the Block List to see all the available blocks and their merging combinations.

The more costly and pricey the block, the rarer it is. As you progress in the game and unlock higher-tier blocks, it’s best to watch ads to obtain the ones you need.

Crafting Table: Create Items and Equip Gear

All of the things in the game may be created at the Crafting Table.
It might be daunting with so many options, so don’t worry! Just tap on the recipe hammer, and select what you want to craft.

it will show you the required materials and where to place them. Remember to equip the items you create to enhance your abilities.

  • Materials: These are the base materials and items found in other workstations.
  • Instruments: Weapons, pickaxes, shields, and other attack items can be crafted here.
  • Armor: Find various types of armor, including helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots.
  • Quests: Craft items related to completing quests.
  • Enchanting Table: Unlock this feature in the early to mid-game stages to add buffs to your gear.

Furnace: Smelt Items with Coal

The Furnace allows you to smelt items using coal and other materials to create barsRemember that the smelting process takes time, but you can speed up by watching ads.

Inventory: Manage Your Items

Your Inventory holds all your items, including gear and blocks. However, with just 32 inventory slots available, you’ll need to load your goods carefully, especially in the late game.

Sword, Pickaxe, Bow, and More: Gear up for Adventure

  • Sword: This melee weapon deals damage to enemies.
  • Pickaxe: Improve your pickaxe to mine the main screen with fewer taps.
  • Bow: (No information provided)

Additionally, shields, amulets, and other items can be equipped to damage enemies upon encountering them.

Skins: Enhance Your Abilities

Skins provide buffs to certain aspects of the game. You can acquire them by finding people in your Village and watching an ad. Remember, only one skin can be active at a time.

Mine: Unleash Explosive Power

Craft a Mine Cart using 5 iron bars to unlock the Mine feature. In the Mine, you can explore one of the blocks. If you want to speed up the 24-hour cooldown, you can watch an ad or purchase TNT with emeralds.

Premium Shop: Boost Your Gameplay

In the Premium Shop, you can buy items and upgrades using emeralds and real money. This option is fantastic for inexperienced players seeking for a boost, but bear in mind that it comes at a cost.

If you’re willing to invest, these options will help speed up your gameplay and progression.

Tasks, Achievements, Monster Hunt, and Village

  • Tasks: Keep track of the next objectives to progress in the game.
  • Achievements: Complete specific tasks to earn rewards.
  • Monster Hunt: Find and defeat monsters for valuable rewards.
  • Village: Unlock and construct various buildings in your Village to earn rewards and enhance your stats. Acquire brick blocks by tapping new chests on the main screen. Watching ads and helping villagers will unlock skins that provide buffs.

Tips and Tricks: Mastering MineTap

  • Ads: Watching ads is an excellent way to obtain more loot, reduce crafting time, and gain an advantage.
  • Boosters: Double your damage, income, and block levels by watching ads for boosters. These have a long-term impact and help you progress faster.
  • Cheats: Use an app called Auto Clicker to automate tapping if you need to quickly collect chests or complete tasks.
  • Glitches: If you encounter scrolling issues in the Village area after achieving something, simply tap out of the room and then tap back in to fix it.

You’ve now become familiar with MineTap, its features, and some handy tips and tricks with this MineTap Wiki. Enjoy your adventure in the world of MineTap!