Is Metal Gear Solid 4 Joining MGS Master Collection Vol.2?

Are you excited about the rumors surrounding Metal Gear Solid 4 and its potential inclusion in the upcoming MGS Master Collection Vol.2? I wanted to share some interesting findings and opinions with you.

It all started with a screenshot found in the manual. This screenshot featured an image from Metal Gear Solid 4, which sparked speculation about its potential inclusion in the collection.

Alongside this discovery, the Metal Gear Solid website was revamped, and placeholder buttons for MGS4, Peace Walker, and MGSV were noticed. These findings have ignited passionate discussions and raised hopes among fans.

Divided Opinions: Skepticism and Realistic Scenarios

Within the MGS4 rumor thread on Reddit, opinions are divided. Some skeptics highlight the challenges of porting Metal Gear Solid 4 to modern platforms.

They believe that skipping MGS4 in favor of titles like Peace Walker, MGSV: Ground Zeroes, and MGSV: The Phantom Pain might be a more realistic scenario.

They even suggest that a remake of MGS4 could be considered, especially if the sales of a presumed future release called MGS Delta prove successful.

A Comprehensive MGS Experience or Inclusion?

On the other hand, some believe that the presence of MGS4 in the screenshot and on the website might be more about providing a comprehensive Metal Gear Solid encyclopedia experience rather than confirming its inclusion in the collection.

According to this viewpoint, it’s a way to offer fans in-depth lore and details about each game.

Enthusiastic Fans and Hopeful Expectations

However, there are also enthusiastic fans who firmly believe that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be part of MGS Master Collection Vol.2. They argue that with the source code and enough time, it’s not impossible to rework the game for modern platforms.

These fans have high hopes and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to play all the Metal Gear games on contemporary gaming systems.

While we eagerly await official announcements from Konami, the possibility of Metal Gear Solid 4’s inclusion in MGS Master Collection Vol.2 continues to tantalize us. Until then, let’s keep dissecting the clues and speculating about what’s to come.