MARVEL SNAP Silver Surfer Patriot Deck Guide (2023)

Welcome to our guide to the Silver Surfer and Patriot deck combo for Marvel Snap! In this guide, we will explore the powerful combination of two popular cards from the Marvel Snap game: Silver Surfer and Patriot.

We will discuss the best cards to include in your Silver Surfer Patriot deck and provide strategies to maximize their potential. Let’s begin building the ultimate Marvel Snap Silver Surfer Patriot deck!

Choosing the Right Cards

In this deck, Brood is the ideal card to pair with Silver Surfer. It not only costs three units but also generates two additional three-cost units. This means that Silver Surfer enhances the power of Brood, adding a total of nine power points to the board.

Another notable aspect of Brood is that its broodlings have no special abilities, making them perfect for Patriot’s power boost.

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Combining Different Archetypes

We have combined two different archetypes in this deck, with Brood serving as the key piece that connects them. Additionally, Debrii is a three-cost card that generates powerless rocks, which Patriot can collect to increase its power.

This dual effect adds a layer of consistency to the deck. Without Silver Surfer, Silver Surfer decks can feel disjointed, and without Patriot, Patriot decks are weaker. This deck provides two payoffs that work well together, and we have multiple ways to find them in different games.

At the top end of the deck, we also include a copy of Sera, enabling explosive turns where you can play three three-drop cards on turn six if you play Sera on turn five.

Shocker and Cyclops are also included to enable Sera’s effect, allowing you to play double three-drop cards on turn five and triple three-drop cards on turn six. This strategy generates a significant amount of power in the final moments of the game.

Versatile Winning Strategies

This deck has the ability to win as both a Patriot deck and a Silver Surfer deck. It showcases incredible games where both strategies come together simultaneously, creating powerful and overwhelming gameplay.

Silver Surfer and Patriot are a formidable combination in Marvel Snap. With this combo, you can choose between an explosive playstyle or using strong units to control the board.

Try out this deck and experience for yourself the immense power of the Patriot and Silver Surfer combos in the game.