Loop Dungeon Guide Idle RPG Jacking for 2023

In the Loop Dungeon game, Jacking is a popular and effective playstyle among players in North America (NA). This strategy utilizes the leveling system, star scaling, and hero pick system to create an ideal active playstyle.

This guide will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the Jacking playstyle and its key components.

Step 1: Set up Your Priority

In this step, you need to determine your priorities when selecting Hero Cards. Hero Cards are used to reset your normal monster level-up picks and level your cores. Normal is used to level your cores, and PvP can be done between Hero Card and Normal Monsters.

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You can prioritize elites for gold and shops for amber. Gold can be an issue, but it can be solved by buying it with diamonds or by giving priority to elites over normal monsters.

Step 2: 1st Pick

For your first pick, there are two strategies you can choose from. The fastest way to get level 99s is by picking one core and one sacrifice (sac), ideally your strongest core. Another strategy is the double core on the first pick, which allows you to rely less on just one hero for damage or tanking.

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You can choose heroes like Ash, Tanya, Iris, or Ash, Tanya, and Magnus for the fastest and most effective Jacking.

Step 3: 2nd Pick

The second pick can be contentious. If you pick the second core, it reduces the value of your third and fourth picks and affects your level of efficiency. To maximize level efficiency, you should spend the first three floors leveling only your first pick core.

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This way, your first pick core becomes significantly higher level, and your third and fourth pick cores are closer to the level of your sacs. This strategy also increases the chances of getting higher-level cards for the third and fourth picks.

Step 4/5: 3rd and 4th Pick

In these picks, you will choose your two core heroes. By following the strategy of one core and two sacs by the third pick, you can balance out your draft.

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This means you have put all the levels into your first pick core and no levels into your sacs, resulting in your first pick core being much higher level than your sac picks, and your second and third picks being closer in rank.

Step 6: Stair Stepping

In this step, you start replacing your sac hero cards to get free levels on them and ensure you get as many level-ups on your cores as possible.

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It’s important to always replace the lowest level sac hero card, as replacing the higher level sac hero card would waste levels. This strategy helps increase your average level and minimizes the levels invested in sacs.

Step 7: Act 1 Boss

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By following the previous steps correctly, you should reach the 19th floor with an average hero level of 25-26. This allows your sac heroes to contribute significantly to the damage output and speed up your progress.

Step 8: Act 2 Stair Stepping

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Continue following the principles mentioned earlier and start reaching the fast phase of the run. Your over-leveled cores will deal a significant amount of damage, and your sacs will also have higher levels than the current floor, making them effective DPS heroes.

Step 9: Act 2 Boss

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At this point, your hero levels should be much higher than the Act 2 Boss (Wyrm). This advantage allows you to handle the boss fight more effectively.

Step 10: Act 3 Stair Stepping, Mag Pivot, Reflect, Gold Issues

Act 3 involves stair-stepping, and you may want to acquire a Magnus

hero card if you don’t have one yet. Reflect plants pose a challenge, but you can equip your cores with high tank gear to mitigate the damage.

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Gold can become an issue during this phase, and you may need to spend diamonds to keep up with levels. Choosing to prioritize elites can help you save diamonds and progress faster.

Step 11: 99s and Aftermath

If you have followed all the steps correctly and had some luck, your cores should reach level 99 by the 67th floor, and all five of your heroes should be at level 99 by the 69th floor.

After this, you will fight the Act 3 Boss, enter Act 4, and prioritize according to your preferences for maximum gains in terms of gear and completion.

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The Jacking playstyle in Loop Dungeon offers a more engaging and faster gaming experience. Following the strategies outlined in this guide can optimize your hero selections, leveling process, and overall progress.

Watching your heroes unleash their powers and defeat enemies is incredibly satisfying. If you have any questions or need further advice, feel free to reach out. Happy Jacking!