Legends of Slime Guide (October) 2023

Legends of Slime is an adventure game that may seem challenging, especially for beginners. In this article, we’ll share a comprehensive Legends of Slime Guide that’s packed with simple tips and tricks to enhance your understanding of the game.

We will cover topics like how to spend gems, how to level up your slimes, and more.

Gems: How to Spend Them Wisely

When it comes to gems, it’s best to distribute them equally among different aspects of the game. Spend gems on summoning gear, skills, and companions. Also, consider participating in the Angry Giant Newbie Event. However, be cautious when using the ad skip option to avoid accidental miss-clicks.

Ensure that you summon gear, skills, and companions equally until they all reach level 8. After that, prioritize summoning companions to increase your chances of obtaining the Elder.

Level Up Your Slimes: Unlock Unique Skills and Passive Bonuses

Once you unlock the mine in the game, dig down to a depth of at least 250m. This will reveal a new resource called XP Shard. Each time you mine the XP Shard, you will receive 1 Shard.

Go to the Slime tab and tap on “Change Character.” Here, you can use your Shards to level up your slimes. Leveling up your slimes will unlock their Unique Skill and provide passive bonuses applicable to all slimes.

Every time a slime gains a level, you will earn a Mastery Point. Use these points in the Common Mastery tab to gain permanent game bonuses. Remember to complete each node entirely before moving on to the next nodes linked to it.

Promote Your Slimes: Unlocking New Passive Boosts

At level 100, you can promote your slimes using Tear of Slime, which can be earned through Daily Quests and various Event rewards. Promotion unlocks a new passive boost and allows you to level up a slime an additional 20 times using Shards.

These Promotion Points are spent in the Promotion Mastery tab, similar to Common Mastery points.

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Reaching level 100 is just the beginning. Each promotion unlocks the potential to level a slime up to 200. The most optimal way to promote your slimes is to follow the order: SS120 > S120 > A120 > SS140 > S140 > A140 > SS160 > S160 > A160 > A180 > SS180 > S180 > SS200 > S200 > A200.

Mine: Dig Deeper for Better Rewards

The mine in Legends of Slime offers valuable rewards as you delve deeper. Here are some milestones to keep in mind:

  • 250m: Unlocks XP Shards
  • 650m: Unlocks The Miner’s Chests

Fusing Items: How It Works

When you reach the maximum level for a gear, skill, or companion, you can fuse it into the next item in the line. Here’s how fusing works:

Even at the max level, you can still earn duplicate items. These duplicates stack up to 5 in your inventory. Once you have 5 duplicates, you can fuse them into the next item.

For example, if you fuse Detonative Slime and Pyrokinesis, you will create a higher-level Pyrokinesis and continue the process.

Max Level Guide: Reaching the Top

In Legends of Slime, different aspects of the game have their maximum level. Here are the caps for various elements:

  • Equipment: Weapons, Armor, Skills, Companions, Relics, Rings (approximately level 100)
  • Challenges: Boss Rush (100), Gold Rush (100), Village Raid (70)

Challenges: Boss Rush, Gold Rush, and Village Raid

Challenges are a great way to earn additional rewards and test your skills in Legends of Slime. Here’s a breakdown of each challenge:

  • Boss Rush: This challenge allows you to face off against powerful bosses. As you progress, the difficulty increases, but so do the rewards. Aim to defeat as many bosses as possible to earn valuable items and resources.
  • Gold Rush: In Gold Rush, your objective is to collect as much gold as you can within a limited time. Focus on defeating enemies and breaking barrels to gather gold quickly. The more gold you collect, the better your rewards will be at the end of the challenge.
  • Village Raid: This challenge involves raiding enemy villages and stealing their resources. Plan your strategy carefully, deploy your slimes strategically, and try to collect as many resources as possible. Keep in mind that you’ll face resistance from enemy slimes, so be prepared for battles.

Events: Take Advantage of Limited-Time Opportunities

Legends of Slime regularly features events that provide unique rewards and bonuses. Make sure to participate in these events to maximize your progress in the game. Keep an eye on the event calendar and complete the required tasks to earn event-specific currencies and exclusive items.

Join a Guild: Collaborate and Conquer

Guilds are an integral part of Legends of Slime. Joining a guild allows you to collaborate with other players, share resources, and participate in guild activities.

By working together, you can tackle challenging content and earn additional rewards. Don’t hesitate to join an active guild and make the most of the social aspect of the game.

Daily Quests and Achievements: Regularly Earn Rewards

Make it a habit to complete daily quests and achievements. These provide a steady stream of rewards, including gems, shards, and other valuable resources.

Check the quest and achievement tabs regularly and aim to complete as many objectives as possible. These rewards will contribute to your overall progress in the game.

With Legends of Slime Guide, you should have a better understanding of how to navigate the world of Legends of Slime. Remember to spend your gems wisely, level up your slimes, and take advantage of the mine, challenges, events, guilds, and daily quests to maximize your progress and rewards.