Kushaak Construction Warehouse 2023

If you’re playing MW2 DMZ and trying to find the Kushaak Construction Warehouse key, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to locate specific places on a large map like Al-Mazrah.

But don’t worry, since once you reach the appropriate location, you’ll get access to some awesome stuff and keys.

Finding the MW2 DMZ Kushaak Construction Warehouse Location

To find the Kushaak Construction Warehouse in MW2 DMZ, head to the middle of Al-Safwa Quarry. The main warehouse is a Stronghold location and is marked on the map, but we’re actually looking for a separate building where the key can be used.

From the northeast side of the Quarry, enter it and you’ll see a large warehouse with ‘Kushaak Construction’ written on the side. A smaller structure half immersed in water may be found to your left.

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Jump onto the roof of the smaller building from the left side and proceed clockwise. Eventually, you’ll come across a door at the back where you can use the Kushaak Construction Warehouse key.

However, be wary since there are high-level AI adversaries in the region that may notice and attack you from afar. It’s best to approach the door slowly, taking out any enemies you see along the way.

What’s Inside the Kushaak Construction Warehouse?

Inside the Kushaak Construction Warehouse in MW2 DMZ, you’ll find a supply crate that holds various items. While the exact contents are random, here are a few things you might discover:

  1. Contraband Weapons: The crate is likely to contain a random contraband weapon, adding some firepower to your arsenal.
  2. Loot Items: Alongside the weapon, you’ll find six other random loot items. These can include tactical equipment, standard items, valuable loot, and even more keys.
  3. Sa’id City Mall Keys: If you’re working on the MW2 DMZ Mall Rat mission, you’re in luck. The Kushaak Construction Warehouse has been known to frequently yield Sa’id City mall keys, making it a good starting point for that mission.


Now you know where to find the Kushaak Construction Warehouse key in MW2 DMZ. With this knowledge, you are prepared to face the task.

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Remember to approach the game with caution, eliminate enemies strategically, and enjoy the excitement of unlocking valuable loot.