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Hello and welcome to our IDLE Archer Tower Defense Guide. This Article will teach you the game’s fundamentals and other valuable information.

This is only essential guidance based on older players’ expertise and is not intended to be a step-by-step playbook.

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  • Store: Use real money to purchase permanent bonuses. After finishing Chapter 1, you can buy Super Speed or watch an advertisement. The only venues to obtain talent are the Big and Royal Chests. Buying coins with gems is a horrible bargain because you may acquire many more merely by playing, and gemstones are scarce.
  • Skills: This Displays all of your skills and allows you to equip them. Open up to 6 spaces for a fee of gems.
  • Play: Piggy Bank gathers gems and may be bought with real money. By watching advertisements, you may earn free gems, money, and keys every 8 hours.
  • Quests: Daily will grant you a free Royal Chest if you log in for 5 consecutive days and complete the tasks. Achievements are your major source of free gems and may be achieved at any time.
  • Upgrades: Raise them outside of fighting for gold and in battle for experience.
    • Damage: Increases your basic damage.
    • Attack Speed: Increases the speed of your attacks.
    • Range: Increases the distance you can shoot.
    • Damage/Meters: Increases damage done when adversaries get further away from you.
    • Critical Chance: Your chance of hitting a critical hit and dealing additional damage.
    • Critical Multiplier: Increases the damage done when a critical strike is landed.
    • Health: Increase your HP. When you run out of time, the game is finished.
    • Health Regeneration: Increases HP regeneration in combat.
    • Mana: Information about how to obtain it and what to use it for, as well as other useful information.
    • Mana Regeneration: Increases mana regeneration during combat.
    • More experience per enemy killed.
    • Level Experience: More experience at the conclusion of a level.
    • Gold: More gold per enemy means more gold per kill.
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Idle Archer Tower Defense Guide Tips & Tricks

Blessings: Blessings can be temporary or permanent, depending on whether you watch advertisements for an hour bonus, purchase them with 60 gems for a 24-hour boost, or pay real money to utilize them permanently.

You begin with Ancestral Ale, which enhances your experience by 150%. Complete Chapter 1 to obtain Veles’ Gift, which boosts damage by 120%.

Gold: To acquire more gold, you should increase Gold per Level as soon as possible. This can significantly increase your gold per run and gold quantity when using a Super Speed ticket after completing Chapter 1.

Watching a commercial for around 50% extra gold at the conclusion of your run can accelerate progression.

Abilities: If you are having difficulty finishing a chapter, particularly branch 1, you may require better or more abilities. They can take down a boss far faster than standard assaults. You should receive Rapid Fire as soon as possible.

Spend your gems on expanding your skill slots since more is better on the battlefield. Every 8 hours, you can earn a free Big Chest key by viewing a few adverts that also offer money and gems.


Auto Gold – Using the Auto Clicker Application, you may play Idle Archer on autopilot. To bypass the ad button that appears at the end and prevents the auto farming trick from working, be sure to load the game without data.

I set the tap intervals to 1 second and then positioned the tap location at the bottom of the play button, When you die, the game will cycle through the displays and play again. You could leave your phone on overnight or at any moment and the game will play on its own.


What is best way to win tower defense?

Make and methodically construct your protective stronghold. Short-range towers placed around turning points on the game map may quickly light up multiple foes at once. To optimize their shooting range, long-ranged towers are often situated in the center of the earth.