Hunter X Athena Trello Guide 2023

Welcome to my guide for Roblox Hunter X Athena Trello! This guide will provide you with important information about Clans, Maps, NPCs, and the UI of the game. Let’s get started!


  • Your name and Clan are displayed at the top in white.
  • Green represents your health.
  • The blue bar indicates your stamina.
  • The character “Jenny” is located at the bottom.
  • The pink number represents your level, and higher levels grant more HP (maximum level is 200).
  • The yellow bar shows your progress towards the next level.
  • Age indicates how long you have been in a server but doesn’t affect gameplay.
  • The bar under your avatar is the new bar, which is consumed when using new skills and increases with more meditation.


  • Strength: Press “J” to perform pushups, which increase your strength and m1 damage. Different stages of push-ups require 25k, 40k, and 60k strength.
  • Meditation: Press “M” to meditate and gain experience over time. Meditation increases the nen bar size. You must have 1k strength to unlock this ability.
  • Run: Gain Run experience by pressing “W+W” and holding Shift, which increases your speed.
  • Stamina: Increase your stamina by climbing walls. Jump close to a wall and press “Z” to climb. Not all walls are climbable.
  • Strength and Run stop increasing your damage and speed at 100k, while Stamina has no limits.
  • Natural Potential: Your potential ranges from 1 to 100 and affects your damage and speed. Damage increases by (Potential/10) with a maximum increase of 10, and speed increases by (Potential/20) with a maximum increase of 5. You can check your stats using the button on the right side of the screen.
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Nen Skill Requirements

  • [N] Aura: Requires Meditation 4000 (provides a slight damage buff).
  • [B] Ten: Requires Meditation 7200, Strength 3600, and Run 1000 (provides a defense buff).
  • [V] Ren: Requires Meditation 15000, Strength 6000, Run 2000, and Stamina 3600 (provides defense and damage buff of 25%).
  • [G] Gyo: Requires Meditation 15000, Strength 6000, Run 2000, Stamina 3600, and 10000 Ren Mastery (allows seeing hidden people).
  • [C] Zetsu: Requires Meditation 20000, Strength 8000, Run 3500, and Stamina 6000 (allows hiding).
  • Ko: Requires Meditation 31000, Strength 11000, Run 6000, and Stamina 8000 (provides a damage buff).
  • [E and R] Hatsu: Requires Ten and Ren Mastery of 25000 (unlocks abilities).
  • [H] Ken: Requires Meditation 60000, Strength 15000, Run 9000, Stamina 10000, and Ten Mastery 10000 (provides defense and damage buff).
  • [K] En: Requires Meditation 100000, Strength 20000, Run 12000, and Stamina 13000.

How to Obtain Hatsu in Hunter X Athena

  • Each Hatsu has 1-2 abilities.
  • To acquire a Hatsu, you must meet the requirements of 25k Ten and 25k Ren. Then,
  • you need to visit the cupping table and spend 100k Jeni per spin.
  • Hatsu damage can be increased up to a maximum of 100k strength and 500k meditation.
  • Hunter X Athena Clan:
  • Upon joining the game, you will be assigned a clan. If you wish to reroll your clan, there is an option in the shop for 200R$.
  • Rare Clan Options:
    • Zoldyck: Provides 40 bonus HP, 5 extra speed, 3 additional damage, and 50 bonus stamina.
    • Freecss: Provides 30 bonus HP, 3 extra speed, 2 additional damage, and 40 bonus stamina.
    • Kurta: Provides 30 bonus HP, 3 extra speed, 2 additional damage, and 40 bonus stamina. Note: The Scarlet Eyes ability is not available in the game.
    • Netero: Provides 20 bonus HP, 2 extra speed, 1 additional damage, and 20 bonus stamina.
    • Lucilfer: Provides 20 bonus HP, 2 extra speed, 1 additional damage, and 20 bonus stamina.
    • Kreuger: Provides 20 bonus HP, 2 extra speed, 1 additional damage, and 20 bonus stamina.
  • Common Clan Options:
    • Tsezguerra
    • Bordeau
    • Hazama
    • Goreinu
    • Kaneki
    • Kamado
    • Todoroki
    • Magcub
    • Portor
    • Takano
    • Hatake
    • Korutopi
    • Kaito
    • Paradinight
  • You can use Robux to reroll Clans, Hatsu, Nen color, and change your name:
  • Nen color reroll costs 100R$.
  • Name change costs 75R$.
  • Hair color reroll costs 35R$.
  • Clan reroll costs 200R$.
  • Hatsu reroll costs 200R$.
  • Potential reroll costs 100R$.
  • NPC Guide:
  • Nen Trainer:
    • Location: North Coast, on top of the waterfall.
    • Requirements: Must be level 30+, have Zetsu ability, and have obtained Hatsu.
  • Mafia:
    • Location: Whale Island, on the tall side of the forest.
    • Requirements: Must be level 30+.
  • Assassin:
    • Location: Left side of Zeban City, on top of a tree.
    • Requirements: Must be level 30+.
  • Rouge:
    • Location: Glade, on top of the hill in an open area.
    • Requirements: Must be level 80+. That concludes our Roblox Hunter X Athena Trello guide. I hope this information has helped you improve your gameplay and become a formidable opponent on the field. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!
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