How to Create a Room in COD Mobile in 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to create a room in COD Mobile. In this guide, we’ll take you through each step of the process, from creating a room to inviting your friends to join. With this guide, you’ll be able to create a room in COD Mobile quickly and easily, without any hassle.

Step 1: Open COD Mobile and Select Multiplayer

To start, open COD Mobile on your device and select Multiplayer mode. This will take you to the main multiplayer menu.

Step 2: Select Private Room

From the multiplayer menu, select Private Room. This will take you to the Private Room lobby, where you can create your own private room.

Step 3: Customize Your Room

In the Private Room lobby, you can customize your room by selecting the map, game mode, and other settings. You can choose from a variety of maps and game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, and more.

Step 4: Set Up Your Room

Once you’ve customized your room, it’s time to set it up. You can set a password for your room if you want to restrict access, or you can leave it open to anyone. You can also set a time limit for the room, and choose whether or not to enable killcams.

Step 5: Invite Friends to Join

Finally, it’s time to invite your friends to join your room. You can do this by sharing the room code with them, which is displayed at the top of the screen. They can enter this code into their own COD Mobile app to join your room.

Creating a room in COD Mobile is quick and easy, and with this guide, you’ll be able to do it in no time. Remember to customize your room to your liking, and don’t forget to invite your friends to join you for a fun and exciting multiplayer experience.