Fortnite is a very popular game that almost everyone knows about. Recently, they introduced a creative mode that allows players to create their own maps. With the arrival of FORTNITE Creative 2.0, players can now create even more amazing maps with realistic features and game physics.

Thanks to Unreal Engine support, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we will provide you with a list of maps and their codes to unlock them in Creative 2.0.

Key Takeaways

  • A total of 8 maps were released at the launch of Creative Mode 2.0 in Fortnite.
  • Players need to enter the desired map’s code into the Island Code box to access it.

List of Creative 2.0 Maps

  1. Reclamation
  2. Deserted: Domination
  3. Droopy Flap
  4. Forest Guardian
  5. Gemstone Tycoon
  6. Pirate Adventure
  7. The Space Inside
  8. Go Ninja!

Codes for Creative 2.0 Maps

To play Fortnite Creative 2.0, simply enter the special map codes provided below:

  1. Reclamation Code: 1135-0371-8937
  2. Deserted: Domination Code: 8035-1519-2959
  3. Droopy Flaps – The Arcade Code: 3638-6410-4991
  4. Forest Guardian Code: 0348-4483-3263
  5. Gemstone Tycoon Code: 6265-7588-5080
  6. Pirate Adventure Code: 2810-0903-5967
  7. The Space Inside Code: 9836-7381-5978
  8. Go Ninja! Code: 5227-8658-2604

Each code represents a different map with unique gameplay experiences. Now, let’s take a closer look at these maps.


In this map, you can engage in a thrilling deathmatch scenario. Teams of 5 players each compete to claim territory and emerge victorious. Enter the code 1135-0371-8937 to play this exciting map.

Deserted: Domination

If you’ve played Domination in COD, you’ll find this map reminiscent of that experience. Journey into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and conquer various zones to establish dominance. Use the code 8035-1519-2959 to enter this action-packed map.

Droopy Flaps – The Arcade

Head over to the arcade and play Droopy Flaps, a game inspired by the classic Flappy Bird. Use your skills to navigate through challenging obstacles and set high scores. The code 3638-6410-4991 grants you access to this addictive map.

Forest Guardian

Embark on an adventure in the magical lands of the Forest Guardian map. Encounter various creatures, both real and mythical, as you complete quests and explore stunning landscapes. Use the code 0348-4483-3263 to enter this enchanted realm.

Gemstone Tycoon

Visit the Gemstone Tycoon map to become a successful gemstone miner. Earn money by mining valuable gemstones scattered across the map. Enter the code 6265-7588-5080 to start your mining adventure.

Pirate Adventure

Set sail as a pirate and land on a mysterious island on the Pirate Adventure map. Explore the island, plunder treasures, and complete quests to become a legendary pirate. Use the code 2810-0903-5967 to begin your swashbuckling journey.

The Space Inside

Immerse yourself in a thrilling escape room experience set in space. Solve puzzles and navigate through different rooms to unlock the mysteries of The Space Inside map. Enter the code 9836-7381-5978 to test your skills in this cosmic challenge.

Go Ninja!

Unleash your inner ninja in the Go Ninja! map. Engage in intense battles using ninja-based weapons and tactics. Compete against enemy ninja teams to conquer various zones and earn rankings. Use the code 5227-8658-2604 to prove your ninja skills.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 offers an exciting opportunity for players to unleash their creativity and explore unique maps. By using the special map codes provided, you can unlock a world of adventure and challenges.

Whether you prefer action-packed battles or immersive quests, there is a map for every type of player. So, grab your code, enter it into the Island Code box, and dive into the world of Fortnite Creative 2.0!