Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tier List – 2023

Fire Emblem Engage is a game with many different characters, each with their own strengths and abilities. To help you choose the best characters for your team, we have created a complete Fire Emblem Engage unit tier list.

Introduction to Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tiers

In Fire Emblem Engage, characters are categorized into four tiers: S, A, B, and C. The S-tier units are the strongest, followed by A-tier, B-tier, and C-tier units.

The tier list helps you understand which characters are the most powerful and which ones you should consider using in battle.

S-Tier Units

The S-tier units in Fire Emblem Engage are the most powerful characters in the game. These units have exceptional stat growth and unique abilities that make them incredibly potent on the battlefield. Here are the S-tier units:

  1. Alear: Alear is the game’s protagonist and can be either male or female. As a Dragon, Alear has higher stats and better abilities than other units.
  2. Seadall: Seadall is a Dancer with high stats in HP, Strength, and Speed. This unit is great for supporting other characters in battle.
  3. Diamant: Diamant is a Lord with impressive durability. This unit can withstand a lot of damage and stay on the battlefield for longer.
  4. Veyle: Veyle is a Fell Child and a powerful Dragon unit. With high stats in Strength, Magic, and Resistance, Veyle is a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Zelkov: Zelkov is a Thief known for his covert skills. This unit has good Dexterity and Speed, making him effective at evading enemy attacks.
  6. Kagetsu: Kagetsu is a Swordmaster with high Dexterity and Speed. This unit excels at dealing with damage and has good defensive stats as well.
  7. Hortensia: Hortensia is a Wing Tamer with excellent Resistance and Speed. This unit can also fly, giving her an advantage in certain situations.

A-Tier Units

The A-tier units in Fire Emblem Engage are strong and versatile characters. They are slightly below the S-tier units in terms of overall power, but they can still perform exceptionally well in most situations. Here are the A-tier units:

  1. Anna: Anna is an Axe Fighter with balanced stats and good Dexterity. This unit is a reliable backup in battle.
  2. Chloe: Chloe is a Lance Flier with decent stats in Strength and Speed. This flying unit can quickly traverse the battlefield and provide support.
  3. Rosado: Rosado is a Wyvern Knight with high Strength and Defense. This unit is great for dealing with physical damage and has good mobility.
  4. Fogado: Fogado is a Sentinel with balanced stats and good Dexterity. This cavalry unit is reliable in various combat scenarios.
  5. Louis: Louis is a Lance Armor with high Defense but low Speed. This unit is best suited for tanking enemy attacks and protecting allies.
  6. Alfred: Alfred is a Noble with average stats across the board. This cavalry unit can be a versatile addition to your team.
  7. Alcryst: Alcryst is a Lord with good Dexterity and decent stats overall. This unit is a reliable backup for your main force.
  8. Lindon: Lindon is a Sage with high Magic and Resistance. This mystical unit is great for dealing with magical damage and supporting allies.
  9. Panette: Panette is a Berserker with high Strength and decent Speed.

. This unit excels in dealing with massive physical damage and can quickly eliminate enemies on the battlefield.

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B-Tier Units

The B-tier units in Fire Emblem Engage are solid characters with respectable stats and abilities. While they may not be as powerful as the units in the higher tiers, they can still contribute effectively to your team. Here are the B-tier units:

  1. Roderick: Roderick is a Cavalier with balanced stats and good mobility. This unit can quickly traverse the battlefield and engage enemies.
  2. Helena: Helena is a Priestess with high Magic and Resistance. This unit specializes in healing and supporting allies.
  3. Fynn: Fynn is an Archer with high Dexterity and decent Strength. This unit excels in long-range attacks and can deal significant damage to enemies.
  4. Luna: Luna is a Troubadour with good Magic and Resistance. This unit can heal allies and provide support in battle.
  5. Icarus: Icarus is a Dark Knight with high Magic and decent Speed. This unit is proficient in both physical and magical combat.
  6. Elise: Elise is a War Cleric with balanced stats and good Strength. This unit is versatile and can serve as a frontline healer or attacker.
  7. Rhea: Rhea is a Warlock with high Magic and Resistance. This unit specializes in offensive magic and can deal devastating blows to enemies.

C-Tier Units

The C-tier units in Fire Emblem Engage are still viable options, but they may require more investment and strategy to reach their full potential. These units have average stats and may not stand out compared to the higher-tier units. Here are the C-tier units:

  1. Elysia: Elysia is a Mercenary with balanced stats and good Dexterity. This unit can hold its own in combat but may not excel in any specific area.
  2. Thalia: Thalia is a Pegasus Knight with good Speed and Resistance. This flying unit can provide mobility and support on the battlefield.
  3. Nolan: Nolan is a Warrior with high Strength and decent Defense. This unit can deal heavy physical damage but may lack in other areas.
  4. Rowan: Rowan is a Mage with high Magic and low Defense. This unit is powerful in terms of offensive magic but may require protection in battle.

Remember that this tier list is based on general assessments of character strength and is subject to personal playstyle and team composition.

It’s crucial to consider unit synergy, weapon types, and individual strategies when building your team in Fire Emblem Engage. Experiment with different combinations and enjoy the diverse cast of characters as you embark on your epic journey.