Echocalypse tier list 2023

In this Echocalypse tier list, we will rank the cases based on their strength and abilities. Echocalypse has different cases with varying rarities and skills, making it difficult for new players to decide which ones to invest in.

Factors Considered in Ranking

Before we jump into the tier list, let’s discuss the factors we considered while ranking the cases.

  1. Rarity – The rarity of a case determines its base stats, damage multipliers, and skill enhancements. Generally, issues with higher rarity have better base stats, making them stronger.
  2. Skillset – The skills of a case play a crucial role in determining its value and role in a team. A case with a strong skill set that synergizes well with other cases will rank higher.
  3. Versatility – A strong case should be able to fit into multiple team compositions, making it more versatile. We considered this factor while building the tier list.
  4. Performance in PvP and PvE – We also considered how well a case performs in both player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) content.

S-Tier Cases

  1. Audrey – Audrey is an SSR supporter case with an excellent passive skill that boosts all allies’ attacks on the board. She excels in both PvE and PvP modes due to her silence debuff and self-rage buff skills.
  2. Pan Pan – Pan Pan is another strong case with excellent support abilities. Her skills are valuable in PvE and PvP, making her a valuable addition.
  3. Fenriru – Fenriru is a free SSR rarity case given to every player on the 7th day. She’s good at powerful attacks that hit multiple enemies at once (AOE), and the attacks have great damage. This makes her a good choice for players.

A-Tier Cases

  1. Vivi – Vivi is an SSR rarity AOE-controller case with skills that debuff enemies’ rage bars. Her immunity buffs are useful in Abyss and main story stages, as well as in Cage Fights.
  2. Zawa – Zawa is a great damage dealer with a passive skill that increases her damage based on the number of buffs she has. Her skills steal Attack buffs from enemies, making her a formidable opponent.

B-Tier Cases

  1. Bastet – Bastet is a balanced case with a good AOE-targeted damaging skill and silence debuffs. While the damage multipliers are low but she is still a valuable addition to any team.
  2. Shiyu – Shiyu is an AOE damage dealer with a true AOE-targeted damaging skill. She can also act as a supporter, reviving dead allies with a percentage of their maximum health.

C-Tier Cases

  1. Nanook – Nanook is an SR rarity supporter case that provides shields to front-line cases and deals AOE physical damage to enemies. Her damage reduction skill increases her survivability.
  2. Snezhana – Snezhana is an SR rarity damage dealer case with an AOE-targeted skill. Her damage increases when allies are under control effects like Silent, Stun, and Freeze.

D-Tier Cases

The cases in this tier are all R rarity and generally have weak stats, damage multipliers, and lackluster abilities. It’s recommended not to invest resources in building these cases.

This Echocalypse tier list provides a ranking of cases based on their strengths and abilities. Remember, tier lists are subjective, and the best case for you may vary depending on your team composition and strategy.

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