Best Decks for Mega Monk Challenge in Clash Royale – 2023

In the exciting new Mega Monk mode of Clash Royale, you’ll engage in battles using troop spawners with a unique twist.

The Mega Monk, a sturdy monk character, spawns on opposite sides of the arena and possesses the special ability to deflect enemy projectiles and reduce damage for friendly troops.

To help you succeed in this challenge, we have compiled a list of the best Mega Monk Challenge decks. Read on to learn about each deck and how to use them effectively.

Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Monk

Before we dive into the decks, let’s talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the Monk. The Monk is a valuable addition to any deck as a Champion card.

His unique abilities include deflecting projectiles back to their source and temporarily reducing incoming damage by 80%. Additionally, the Monk boasts high hitpoints, allowing him to endure significant damage and provide cover for other troops to eliminate enemy units or Crown Towers.

Furthermore, his third hit in a combo can push back all ground troops, making him particularly effective against slow troops with low damage output.

However, the Monk’s limited damage output necessitates the support of other troops to defeat opponents’ units and towers.

Additionally, the Monk’s ability requires extra Elixir, which can sometimes pose a challenge. Lastly, the Monk is vulnerable to spells that bypass his protection, such as Poison and Earthquake.

Utilizing the Monk in Your Decks

To make the most of the Monk in your decks, you can adopt various strategies. One approach is to use the Monk as a shield for vulnerable troops against spells.

For instance, pairing the Monk with inexpensive ranged units like the Firecracker can neutralize weak spells like Arrows, while moderate-health units like the Electro Wizard or Zappies can be protected from Lightning and Poison.

Moreover, positioning the Monk near an Elixir Collector, Sparky, or your Crown Tower can prevent an incoming Rocket and counter the “Rocket Cycle” strategy employed by some opponents.

Alternatively, you can employ a proactive strategy by utilizing the Monk to apply pressure on the opponent’s side of the field. Deploying the Monk and activating his ability in time to defend against spells like Rocket can be challenging.

Thus, using the Monk offensively can be more advantageous. With his high hitpoints and knockback ability, the Monk becomes a formidable force, especially when paired with high-damage or glass cannon troops like the Prince or Mini P.E.K.K.A.

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Top Decks for the Mega Monk Challenge

  1. Monk-Balloon Beatdown Deck
  • Monk
  • Balloon
  • Baby Dragon
  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Goblin Gang
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Musketeer
  • Zap

This deck focuses on utilizing the Monk’s high hitpoints to absorb damage while the Balloon deals massive damage to Crown Towers upon reaching them.

The Baby Dragon and Musketeer provide air support, while the Barbarian Barrel and Goblin Gang handle ground units. The Inferno Dragon is effective against tanks like the Giant or Golem.

  1. Monk-Sparky Control Deck
  • Monk
  • Sparky
  • Electro Wizard
  • Fireball
  • Goblin Cage
  • Ice Spirit
  • Skeletons
  • The Log

This deck revolves around the Monk-Sparky combo, with the Monk acting as a shield while Sparky charges up its devastating attack.

The Electro Wizard offers additional support against air units, and the Goblin Cage and Skeletons take care of ground units. The Fireball and The Log are useful for spell and troop control.

  1. Monk-Prince Bridge Spam Deck
  • Monk
  • Prince
  • Dark Prince
  • Elixir Golem
  • Goblin Gang
  • Ice Spirit
  • Zap
  • Zappies

This deck focuses on utilizing the Monk as a tank for the Prince and Dark Prince, allowing them to deal significant damage to Crown Towers upon reaching them.

The Elixir Golem provides additional support and absorbs damage, while the Goblin Gang, Ice Spirit, and Zappies handle ground units. Zap is used for spell control and resetting enemy units.

With these decks, you’ll have a great chance of dominating the Mega Monk Challenge mode in Clash Royale. Remember to leverage the Monk’s strengths, protect your troops from enemy spells, and have fun in the arena!